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The Geekhouse Boys in Austin

It’s surprising to me how many people have the misconception that “Texas is flat”. While most of the eastern part of the state is indeed, very flat, in Austin, we’re smack dab in the middle of Texas Hill Country. Granted, the highest elevation we have is around 1,500′, there are plenty of good rides with 1:1 ratios of miles to elevation. When Brad and Marty from Geekhouse came into town a few weeks back, they said something to the extent of, “Austin’s pretty flat, right?”.

So, like any good host, I took them on a little hill loop. The weather was just right and not wanting to kill Marty, we took it easy, meandering through ranges and stopping at swimming holes. We ended up doing 40 miles and over 3,000′ before the allure of tacos took over…

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Jun 28, 2012 4 comments
Throwback Thursday: Trackosaurus Rex Ride Hills Tees

Maybe you remember these? Maybe you don’t. At any rate, now’s your chance to own this classic t-shirt from Trackosaurus Rex. As per Throwback Thursday, these deadstock tees were recently pulled out of Kyle’s closet and are available here on the site. Scoop one up now in either black or heather grey for $30 shipped worldwide..

Scoop these up here, only at the PiNP Web Shop.

Jun 14, 2012 9 comments
Road Exploring

Sometimes, you just need to go off and take those roads you ride past everyday, or jump over the fence that says “No Trespassing”. These shots were all compiled during a few days I spent out wandering the hills and forests on my road bike.

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Apr 24, 2012 9 comments
The Dueling Banjos: Into Hell and Back – Day 02 Jamieson to Rosedale

All Photos by Andy White

After the first day’s journey into Jamieson, Shifter Dan, Andy and I awoke with empty stomachs and loose legs. A quick breakfast and a chat with some locals, sent us on our way to Licola and then Rosedale. Compared to day 01, day 02 was hell. Each of us broke at some point in the day, which was fine. It’s when everyone breaks at once that you’re screwed.

Within the first 20 miles or so, we were climbing up the Jamieson-Licola road range. Sealed quickly turned to jeep trail and jeep trail disintegrated to seasonal fire roads. You could tell not many people ventured through these parts by bike. In the end, bad decisions on day one, brought about the inevitable. As per the last post, Andy has my photos up with his words at Fyxomatosis.

Check out more below!


Apr 13, 2012 5 comments
Grade School

Grade school. It’s a place where you go for life’s lessons. No matter how strong of a rider you think you are, a few hours in grade school each day will whip your ass in shape. Granted we don’t have mountains here, but we’ve got good climbing and this Recent Roll is dedicated to the people who have put in work the past few weeks on the hills. It’s from a few different films, hence the change in grain and color.

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Apr 11, 2012 5 comments
The Dueling Banjos: My Side of the Saddle – Day 01 Lilydale to Jamieson

All Photos by Andy White

Andy from Fyxomatosis and I did something a little different this time around. He’s posting my photos and dictating over them and I, his. We loosely are calling this the Dueling Banjos. So here’s my side of the saddle:

When I found out I would be returning to Australia, Andy asked if I wanted to go on one of he and Dan from Shifter Bike‘s “epic” rides out through Woods Point. I’ve been following Fyxomatosis, since forever, so I knew what that meant. This was a man’s ride. A no holds-barred, dirt and hurt ride. Since doing my tour, I have stayed in the saddle. I had the base miles underneath me but did I have the ability to keep up with Dan and Andy? Nervously, I accepted the invite and the day before we left, Dan took my Milwaukee Orange One into Shifter Bikes for a cleaning.

We left that morning and met Andy in Lilydale. We rode along the Warburton Rail Trail, through flea markets and eventually stopped in Warburton for breakfast. Canadian pancakes, a long black, fresh juice and some pastries. As we were leaving the cafe, I thanked Dan for cleaning my bike, to which he replied “thank me in 30 minutes”…


Apr 10, 2012 24 comments
Shots from the Road 04.08.2012

I’ve been meaning to do a bit of exploring off the beaten paths of my typical hill loops. A few wrong turns and sneaking into gated communities proved to be a great way to spin off the day. I found a nice, 1-mile long path along mesquite trees and a few streams. What I intended to only be a 10 mile jaunt became a 38 mile, 3,200′ afternoon. What can I say? The weather is amazing in Austin right now…

Check the route on my Strava and share your Sunday rides in the comments!

Apr 8, 2012 2 comments

These guys have been emailing me nonstop for the past few weeks to post their videos. So as a nod to persistence, here’s the FEKKrew. Fast forward to about the one minute mark for some beautiful scenery. I picked the one with Savath y Savalas because it makes me miss NYC.

In the future, I’m working on a user-submitted video sub-page to let people share their projects like this.

Apr 6, 2012 1 comment
Hill Country Tacos

No, we didn’t stop there to eat. Not this time. Ross and I have been riding a lot when I’m in town. One day, we took off for the dam loop and finished it off with Jester and 360. It’s been raining a lot here in Austin, causing all the limestone cliffs on 360 to collapse due to the excess run-off. It’s an eerie sensation to ride next to large, wet rocks, ready to fall but if you catch the sun just right, it sparkles in the water. This Recent Roll was taken a month or so ago, when I had just gotten my Bishop. It’s lovely weather to be riding in right now. Get out on your bikes!

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Mar 28, 2012 2 comments