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The Cedar Cycling Women’s Standard Jersey is Open for Pre-Order

First of all, I love the color and second, I love that Cedar is addressing a much-needed and requested niche: women’s cycling jerseys that are made in the USA.

“Over a year in the making, The Women’s Standard is a best-in-class, made-in-America full-zip jersey.

Spec’ed, patterned and prototyped by women, the Women’s Standard offers a tailored and smart-yet-comfortable fit built in our very own, very proven StandardWool.

Finally, a psychologically, emotionally and physically superior jersey made right on every level.

Save 10% and pre-order today.

(Pre-order closes midnight, August 6th, 2013)”

Pre-order one today at Cedar Cycling!

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Ten Speed Hero: Women’s Bibs

Developing a women’s bib short isn’t easy. As the team at Ten Speed Hero point out, “This is not a sock. This is not designed to fit all.” Female bibs made right. That’s what TSH was going for. 8mm chamois and a special cut for women, they’re designed to fit women and women only.

Pick up a pair at Ten Speed Hero. Might I add that I love their product shots?

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Stoked on Fixed Bikes 14

Greg Falski‘s Stoked on Fixed Bikes 14 is now online for free. It features an interview with Juliet Elliot and the Grime coast to coast tour for Ride + Style.

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Rapha Women’s 100 In Numbers

I am very stoked on the Women’s 100 event that Rapha organized. Here’s the break-down on this successful event:

Sunday 7th July was a big day in road cycling: the Tour was in the Pyrenees where Team Sky’s Christopher Froome was defending the yellow jersey for the first time. Simultaneously, thousands of women cyclists were riding their own ‘big loop’, participating in something called the Women’s 100. Rapha’s idea was to encourage as many female riders as possible to go out and bag 100 kilometres on the same day as the Etape du Tour, where a merry band of women cyclists, some new to the sport and some experienced, would ride the 130km from Annecy to Mt. Semnoz.

It was a roaring success and a great day for riders worldwide. We’d like to congratulate all the people involved, particularly those who had never achieved that distance before and the people who organized the rides, chapeau. And our message now is a simple one: keep on riding.

Additional photos can be found in the Stories section of 

Reports from rides across North America can be found on the Rapha blog here.”

Check out a few more infographics below.


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All-City at the Seattle NACCC

Photos by Christopher Dilts

The All-City cycles team did a great job at the Seattle NACCCs. Racing for a #partybrand ain’t easy but this group of fine young men and women gave it their all. Christina Peck won the event, not just 1st place women but 1st place overall. Check out some more portraits at the All-City Blog.

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Natalia’s Igleheart SS MTB
Beautiful Bicycle: Natalia's Igleheart SS MTB

San Francisco is out of control and not in a good way. Bike theft is at an all time high as the city continues to cope with a massive drug problem. Basically, your bike’s not safe unless it’s under your ass, being pedaled. Natalia had her race bag, shoes and this Igleheart singlespeed MTB “secured” within her car as it was parked in Noe Valley. Within minutes, her windows were smashed out and her bike was gone.

The next morning, Rai from Mission Workshop was riding past the BART station on 16th when he spotted it being pedaled by some random dude. He put out a call and had some friends go steal it back from some unsuspecting schmo who had bought it from the crackhead that stole it.

Now it’s safe and sound in Natalia’s possession, who races it for Chica Sexy in the Bay Area mountain bike circuits. It’s not everyday you see some Boston-area steel in SF, so I had to get some photos of it…

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