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Trackosaurus Rex: God Save the Track Bike Tees in Stock

Photo by Chris Fortuna

Is it punk or is it couture? Whatever it is, this isn’t the first time high fashion has collided with a Tracko offering. The STTB button was inspired by a campaign to “Save The Tents” during NY Fashion Week. This latest tee and koozie pull inspiration from another fashion industry giant – Kate Moss. Originally published in a 2002 issue of i-D magazine, and shot by Craig McDean, the now iconic image of Moss in an olive drab military jacket with “God Save The Queen” painted on the back has long been a favorite of mine.

Pick one up at Trackosaurus Rex!

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RYB: Cycling Denim for the Ladies

It’s no secret that these days, women get left out of a lot of cycling apparel lines. Maybe that’s a good thing? If that big denim company had made a women’s line, then maybe brands like RYB wouldn’t have taken the initiative themselves to fill the much-needed market. For whatever reason, the ladies at RYB look to be filling that void. Check out their IndieGoGo campaign here!

Oct 10, 2013 1 comment
Team Dream Bicycle Team Caps by Pace

This last trip to LA, I got to hang out with Sean from Team Dream Bicycle Team extensively. On one of the last days, he handed me one of the new TDBT caps (I’m lying, I convinced him to let me take one for photo purposes). Aside from the red, white and blue being patriotic, I love the design of these caps. Or, if you fancy green more, they’ve got you covered.

Swoop one up at Team Dream Bicycle Team today! $20, made in the USA and worth every penny. Pace caps are the best and the four panel design fits so well.

Also, if you’re into the kit, Sean is running an extension on 2014 jersey the pre-order. The new ENDO compression bibs RULE!

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Jen’s Igleheart Disc Cross

Every party involved with this bike are such great people. Chris Igleheart, life-long frame builder, Keith Anderson, phenomenal painter and Jen, owner of Panty Raid and general rad woman. When Jen reached out to Chris at the 2012 NAHBS, she wanted a “do it all” bike. Something with a little more tire, more stopping power and still cross race ready if she ever felt the desire. I kind of feel like that’s what a lot of people look for in a cross bike. The main challenge with this frame, as with any small frameset, is making it look good and I think everyone nailed it! Including Golden Saddle Cyclery on the stellar build!

Pardon my hasty photos, the sun was going down and it was my last night in LA, hence the crossed-chain… At any rate, see more in the Gallery!

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Cross Vegas Singlespeed
Once again, it's the Ty-over!

Hey, #CrossIsHere. Each year, Cross Vegas represents the kick-off for cyclocross racing in the States. Everyone’s stoked, racing new bikes, on freshly trained legs and ready to stare down those beer hand ups (or get beer thrown in their faces). This year, I did things a little differently, focusing more on the singlespeed race and rider / bike portraits. I’ve got more coming from the other races, but for now, enjoy!

Check out more in the Gallery!

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URBANIST Cycling Chamois Panties

I really admire people who see a problem and address it with creativity and style. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the URBANIST cycling chamois panties a few weeks ago. While wearing a sweaty chamois isn’t ideal for the female (or male) anatomy – bacteria growth, saddle sores, etc, I think they’re onto something… Back this Austin, Texas-based (holler) Kickstarter here.

Sep 4, 2013 3 comments
Golden Saddle Cyclery Kit Pre-Order Ends Soon!

The gals and guys at Golden Saddle Cyclery are keeping the pre-order for their kits open until September 4th, so get on it!

Pre-order men’s jersey…HERE!

Pre-order unisex bib…HERE!

Pre-order women’s jersey…HERE!

Pre-order women’s short…HERE!

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Manual for Speed: Podium Girl Race Analysis from the US Pro Challenge

This is why I love Manual for Speed!

“At 10:01 a.m. inline behind us at the Snowmass Village Starbucks we met the 2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Podium Girls: Candice Wurster and Courtney James.1 Courtney from Los Angeles, California drank an Iced Doppio With Half-&-Half and Candice from Fort Collins, Colorado drank an Iced Venti Unsweetened Passion Tea.

“We’re having a blast! We work with an agency called Umbrella Girls USA and we were selected by Medalist. We’ve done NASCAR, Moto GP, NHRA, Motocross and a lot of cycling events. We feel like we’ve made it now because this Medalist and USA PRO CHALLENGE event is the biggest event we’ve done so far. We haven’t done any weird jobs but we’ve met some weird people. Do we know about Peter Sagan? Yes! And yes we saw that picture and we know what he did. We would not let it happen to us though, we’d be like, “No way!” [At this point MFS interjects: “But he’s really fast, and he is a sprinter!” And then we all start laughing and pretending to dodge unsolicited Ass Grabs.]”

“We don’t think he’s ever going to do it again though.”

See more at Manual for Speed!

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