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Eurobike 2013: Crema Cycles Steel Road

Look, Eurobike is hella Euro and fluoro. I’m not interested in Cube’s offerings, or other large batch bike. I want to see how the smaller shops and distributors are tackling one of the most elusive offerings: the production steel road bike.

Crema Cycles seems to have their solution going in the right direction. Take this Columbus and True Temper mixed road frame. My size, Campagnolo 11, ENVE and Chris King throughout.

This bike is straight forward, lightweight and elegant without being ostentatious. So is there a down side? Not really. Other than I’d like to see one or two nice details to separate this frame from the rest out there but that’s always the challenge.

The Crema bikes look very simple. Something you’d not only travel with, but not cringe about locking up, depending on the build kit (those wheels!). That’s something I can appreciate. Check out more of this very nice bicycle in the Gallery!

Aug 30, 2013 14 comments
Eurobike 2013 Über Gallery 01
Chris King

Guten tag! I have found the internet…

It’s Eurobike and I have no idea what to do here. Well, that’s not true, I have a few clever posts up my sleeve. After 12 hours of madness, I’ve made my way through most of the show, ran into some people, saw some cool shit, exhausted my shutter finger and the first flask filling #FFF. I managed to get some great shots, including the new White Industries anodized hubs, the return of turquoise Chris King, some rad Tune products, a sexy LOOK, Bear Grease, #Partybrand, body-painting, AWOL, beer, beer and beer.

While I’m working on more content, how about some randomness from the first day? I thought so…

Aug 29, 2013 22 comments
Vandeyk’s Purple Blast
Guest Gallery: Vandeyk's Purple Blast

I don’t usually like to make Guest Galleries from press releases but this one is too good to pass up. Introducing Vandeyk, a bicycle company from Germany and their new bike, the Purple Blast. Check out the press release below and the Gallery above.


Nov 8, 2012 16 comments
e r t z u i ° film: Rockville

Here’s the newest trailer from  e r t z u i ° film:

“Amidst the seemingly endless fields of the Po Valley lies Villa Rocca –a 20 people strong community, dominated by a 500-year-old, inexorably crumbling castle. For one day a year, the morbid and almost magical place comes to life. A colorful bunch of velophile Italians convert the castle grounds into a single speed cyclocross course.

A film by
Kristian Walter Ansand & Martin Gilluck
produced by e r t z u i ª film
presented by BICICLISTA

We are happy to announce, that ROCKVILLE is part of the offical selection in this years BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL in New York City, June 29th – July 1st.

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Nicolai Argon Road / Touring / Racing Frameset

I’ll admit, I saw neon and thought “oh pretty”, then I read up on Nicolai’s Argon road / touring / tracing frameset (yes, I have no idea how those geometries overlap). But the color, named “alarm dizzy camou”, is probably what caught Death Spray Custom‘s eye. As far as the bike is concerned, it’s Gates compatible and their description seems very, um, German:

“It has to be said that the Argon Road is not your conventional road bike. There are no smooth welds, no intricate lugs and no carbon tubes. However, you can not fail to be convinced by its superior stiffness to weight ratio. Indeed, both the torsional and the longitudinal stiffness of the Argon Road are almost unrivalled and it significantly outperforms carbon competitors in this respect. (Test EFBe Institute 2006) So how does a rider benefit from this? On long climbs in the mountains the Argon Road saves energy. On long Alpine descents the rigidity allows unparalleled tracking – it corners like it is on rails. After all, what is better when road-racing than being just that little bit faster? ”

I just like the paint.

Apr 16, 2012 3 comments
8bar KRZBERG v1.0

8 Bar Bikes deliver some fast track bike riding in their new video, featuring the KRZBERG.

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