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It’s always a good morning when ERTZUI FILM sends over a video!

“Almost 5 Years ago, we made a portrait about a certain Felix Wolf – a shining new prospect in the world of custom wheel building. Flawless accuracy and a determination to absolute perfection made him stood out from the rest and soon, LIGHT WOLF became a trademark for custom wheel building on a totally new level.

Not much has changed since, although it was time for a revisit.
LIGHT WOLF is not a one-man-show anymore, he shares a workshop in a historic industrial area with his friends of VELOHELD and he got himself a new safe. On May 25th 2015, LIGHT WOLF celebrates its 6th anniversary and his future looks bright.”

May 25, 2015 5 comments
Good Times Roll Video

Here’s a short video showcasing German team Good Times Roll as they compete in various events and lay down the vibes for their squad.

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Trackside ’85 at the Berlin Six Day Race – Staffan Jofjell

Trackside ’85 at the Berlin Six Day Race – Staffan Jofjell
Words by Staffan Weigel, photos by Staffan Jofjell

Although it’s far from the spartan life of East Berlin, living in the west part of town is not always easy. The instability in world politics is constantly reminding the citizens of how vulnerable their city is. West Berliners stoically maintain a spirit of normality in their isolation. Their celebrations and manifestations of life before the wall serve as rituals that keep the absurdity of the surrounded city at bay…


Jul 17, 2014 9 comments
The 2014 Schwarzwald Giro – Kevin Sparrow

The 2014 Schwarzwald Giro – Kevin Sparrow
Photos and Words by Kevin Sparrow

Most of us got a good night sleep in our camper. The nights in Freiburg are chilly and it doesn’t start to warm up until the sun peeks over the tree line later in the morning. Everyone met at Biosk at 9:30, for a planned roll out at 10. It would have been nice to get a decent breakfast but Josh and I downed a bowl of cereal and I took a nutrition bar for a reserve. Others stuffed their jerseys full of snacks. We all knew we had a long day ahead of us…


Jun 18, 2014 12 comments
The Road to the Schwarzwald Giro: Freiburg – Kevin Sparrow

The Road to the Schwarzwald Giro: Freiburg
Photos and Words by Kevin Sparrow

Freiburg is a quaint little town nestled on the edge of the Black Forest near the French/Swiss border. The city is rich in historic buildings and churches. The streets are covered in cobbles, train tracks and tiny canals on the sides of the streets. Bike lanes are everywhere, cyclists and tourists fill the streets for most of the day. The food is cheap the beers are tall…


Jun 16, 2014 7 comments
Tune Gets Creative and Weird

I love Tune‘s products. I use their skewers on my bikes, would kill for a set of their cranks and I’m stoked that they manufacture everything in the Black Forest, Germany. For their new catalog, the component manufacturers got a little creative. Check out the full catalog here!

Nov 17, 2013 4 comments
Portus Cycles: The Greenhorn

With all the framebuilding talk today, how fitting is this video featuring the inception of a Portus Greenhorn. This was one of my favorite things at Eurobike, but don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions, for things aren’t always what they seem! Make sure to watch the whole video and here’s the scoop:

“A short docu of the building process of the first Greenhorn. Handmade in Germany – handmade in Pforzheim. The frame is made of Reynolds 725 steel and fillet brazed. The parts are from Tune and Schmolke Carbon.”

See more at Portus.

Sep 30, 2013 3 comments
The Mission Workshop Acre Alps MTB Tour – Day 02

For the past seven years, Scott and Dickon from Santa Cruz have spent their post-Eurobike recovery in the hills and mountains of the Black Forest, just outside of Freiburg, Germany. Coincidentally, when Lyle from Mission Workshop and myself had a few extra days laying around before our Alps tour began, they invited us to join them.

That meant traveling from Glarus to Freiburg, before heading back to Zurich on Wednesday. That meant a lot of driving but surely it would be worth it. All the details and accommodations were made. Scott and Dickon knew were to stay, where to eat and were mostly familiar with the trails… What other reasons did we need? Back to Germany we go!

Yesterday morning, we engorged ourselves with one of the best hotel breakfasts I’ve had before beginning our journey. I suited up in the new Acre gear, tuned my bike and hopped off through town before we all found ourselves in a tower of switchbacks up and out of the valley.

The Black Forest is a sacred place, filled with lore and mythology. While we saw no Slender Man, or nymphs, I could feel the presence of something the whole day and it wasn’t the eggs from breakfast… Nature still owns the forest. The trees hummed and resonated with the wind. If you break yourself off here, there’s no telling what would happen to you once the sun settled in for the evening.

After a mild case of “lostness” and bordering on bonking, the whim to “take the other trail” turned our planned 3-hour jaunt into an 8-hour expedition through the absolutely stunning trail system. Some were extremely technical and steep, while others were fast and smooth. Then we hit the backside of Kandel with its fast, steep and rocky descents. We all wished we had pads…

We got a taste of everything and for me, the technical, rocky terrain was just a teaser for what awaits in the Alps. The total for the day was about 35 miles and 4,900′ and today, my legs are thanking me.

Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

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