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Merckx Mondays

Photo by Andy White

This Merckx Monday is brought to you by L’Eroica and Fyxomatosis. I love seeing Andy’s photos from this event. See more here!

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Fyxomatosis: 2013 Melburn Roobaix Portraits

Andy White of Fyxomatosis knows how to throw a great party. Year after year, the Melburn Roobaix continues to grow both in numbers and in reach. People come from all over the world to take part in the two wheeled party. It’s not a race and it’s not exactly a ride, it’s just a good time!

See for yourself how stoked people are at the Melburn Roobaix portraits page!

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Fyxomatosis: Carrefour Jersey

One of the best FYXO jerseys is now available. Introducing the Carrefour.

“French for crossroads / intersection.  This design is a collision between FYXO colours and the Mapei cubes synonymous with Paris-Roubaix thanks to their doping dominance in the 90s.

Melburn’s cobbled back alleys are thousands of miles from the stone farm roads of Northern France, but at speed and with the ringing of cowbells, the bumpy experience is the same.

If you are ever at the crossroads, always go North.  Hell awaits you.”

Pick one up here!

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Full Circle

It should be “Full Backwards Circle”.

Ride whatever you want, when and how you want to. I think that’s the moral of the story here. Thanks to FYXO for the impromptu photo shoot. Check out more words and photos at FYXO.  Oh and to the assholes who stole my bag in SF, die. I’m going to miss those jeans and that t-shirt.

May 28, 2013 6 comments
Merckx Mondays

Well, my Memorial Day has wound down and as I get back to the swing of the work week, I thought I’d kick it off with a nice Merckx Mondays from Fyxomatosis. Well, technically, this one’s from Patebury, an Aussie leather shop. Rather than track down another NOS Sella Italia RS saddle for an Eddy Merckx Professional that Andy’s building, he contacted Patebury to see how close they could come to making one… it looks damn nice!

See more photos at FYXO.

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Fyxomatosis: New Bidons

Let’s see, brightly-colored, capable of holding water and made in Australia. Yep. That’s a FYXO Bidon. Swoop here. Oh and check out his new sticker packs while you’re at it.

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Fyxomatosis on How to Customize

Andy’s mantra “life is too short…” might be misinterpreted by those who take things at face value. It’s not a slogan for the rich, or the people who believe you can buy style, it’s the m.o. for the ones infected. A disease if you will. This disease causes you to tinker, to strip down, rebuild. To customize…

Like Andy, I myself get emails all the time from people wanting a $200 bike and occasionally, someone wanting to splurge $900 on a custom fixed gear. Now, don’t mistaken “custom” for hand-built and tailored. Custom can mean anything, really and for a perfect example, you really ought to head over to FYXO for the back story on how he built his ‘Nago for $935.


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