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Firefly: Ti Mixte

This is actually kind of amazing. Not that Firefly was capable of making a good-looking mixte, but that someone actually paid them to do so. Check out more at the Firefly Flickr.

Mar 20, 2014 11 comments
Firefly: Two Frontier Blaster Builds

Throw some bigger tires on these beauts and I’d be so into them! I say that like I’m I’m not already into them. Firefly put out two solid looking machines this week, including this Ti disc machine with XTR cranks and this carbon and a Ti / carbon disc with RED. I love how the builds are so different, yet their intended uses are the same.

Side note: I’m trying to use a different word than “adventure” for bikes like this. Any ideas?

Mar 1, 2014 31 comments
Firefly: Adventure Team Bikes

I’m so stoked on this project from Firefly Bicycles. They put together a team of all incredible women to take on some of the nation’s greatest “adventure” races and set them up with these titanium gravel machines. Last weekend, they threw a build party, where each rider assembled their bikes. You can see those photos and more photos of the builds at the Firefly Flickr! Don’t worry, there’s more to come!

Feb 18, 2014 5 comments
Firefly: Off the Grid

I actually like the process photos from Firefly more so than the studio shots on projects like this. At first glance, this masking detail is something you might miss, right? See more at the Firefly Flickr!

Feb 3, 2014 1 comment
Firefly: Paint it Black

Say what you will about fancy paintjobs, with custom anodizing, but a murdered out black bike (albeit with a few color highlights) will still look so freaking rad. The latest from Firefly has me thinking about what color (or lack thereof) I’ll be painting mine.

Jan 14, 2014 10 comments
Firefly: The Bones Project is Live!

Ya gotta hand it to Firefly and Eric Bones. This project came out so rad.

“We have designed and built thousands of steel frames in our careers, and we have developed a deep respect for the material and process. The Bones Project is our opportunity to use our knowledge and unique approach to frame building to push the functional and aesthetic boundaries of the most storied material in cycling.

The Bones Project exists at the intersection of manufacturing, art, and performance. It is a collaboration of designers, machinists, frame builders, and artists, most importantly the brilliantly talented local illustrator, designer, and muralist Eric Bones.”

See more detailed photos below and check out Firefly for the full scoop on this unique collaboration!


Dec 13, 2013 3 comments