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Wolf Drawn: Kvlt Klips XVIII

Wolf Drawn brings us yet another episode of the infamous Kvlt Klips!

“The newest edition to a long serious featuring Elliott Milner, Matt Spencer, Packy Golan, Joe McKeag, Tom La Marche, Corey San Agustin, Cole Ruffing, and Jacob Ruff.”

It’s always refreshing to see Elliot, Matt, Joe and Tom (even if it’s just a scooter clip) rip! That last line!

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Chop Em Down: 2013 Summer Fix

Here’s some great coverage of the 2013 Summer Fix that happened in Venice two weeks ago. So stoked that this event is getting bigger and bigger each year.

Aug 20, 2013 1 comment
Minneapolis #PartyBrand Video Dump

I’m pretty busy in Minneapolis trying to document the All City Championships for the #PartyBrand, and I didn’t want to slack off on the site too hard, so here are some videos to hold you over. They all won’t have an introduction, but I will say I’m very stoked on Hammer Down, a new FGFS blog.

Aug 16, 2013 3 comments
Ed Wonka’s Fixed Gear Freestyle Takeover NYC

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen some web action from Wonka in NYC. Check out this half-interview, half-street and park session edit from Network A. This one’s worth the watch, as Ed mentions that he’s left Grime Bikes and is starting a new company with Mike Schmitt, Devon Lawson and Anthony Combs.

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Kareem is Back at It

Kareem has bid adieu to Leader and is now riding for Hold Fast. Here’s a recent clip of him bombing Dravus street and check out his farewell to Leader edit below. I can’t imagine bombing a big hill like that standing up the whole time. Crazy!


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Stoked on Fixed Bikes 14

Greg Falski‘s Stoked on Fixed Bikes 14 is now online for free. It features an interview with Juliet Elliot and the Grime coast to coast tour for Ride + Style.

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