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FBM: Sword Track Frames in Stock

FBM has been making their Sword track frames in the USA since day one and now, they’re just posted up a full size run in three colors on their site. See more details at FBM, order one through your local FBM shop or scoop one here.

Sep 25, 2013 1 comment
FBM: Throne Pivotal Saddles

This is no game… of Throne saddles. It’s FBM’s new pivotal with their embossed logo. Check out more details at FBM.

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Collateral BMX Interviews Steve Crandall of FBM

I don’t post a whole lot of BMX content here on the site, but usually when I do, it’s from FBM. Why? Because Steve and his riders are living the dream and part of that is dealing with the struggles of being a company that still believes in American production.

Over on Collateral BMX, JPR interviewed Crandall and even though a lot of it is cryptic and weird, there are some gems in there:

What kinds of new products do you have coming out? Anything exciting?
Yeah, we have U.S. made in-house 8.75” and 9” FBM handlebars, Bellwitch’s are getting worked on right now, Erbles just pieced together a 650b women’s city commuter bike and Kenny’s testing a prototype frame called the Orphan, which later this summer if all things fall into place will be manufactured in-house. Then we’ll be trying to get people to buy them.

That’s the key, getting people to buy your stuff.
Seems like we could fart like ten years ago and people would pay attention and now it’s like I gotta drive a black school bus around with muppets on acid to try and get people to even notice us.

Check out the full interview at Collateral BMX!

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FBM: The Shit Show 4.5

Dudes being dudes that are stoked on bikes with some Slaughterama background noise and other randomness. Solid vibes from FBM once again!

May 29, 2013 1 comment
FBM: The Tiniest Gypsy

I don’t have a kid but part of me wants to buy this frame anyway, just so when I do have a kid, they’ll have a piece of American steel to ride around on. If you have a son or a daughter that could fit on this 12″ BMX from FBM, I suggest you pick it up!

See more at FBM.

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