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Texas Toast is This Weekend!
Texas Toast is This Weekend!

If you’re within driving distance of Austin, or you’re already here for ACL, you better make it out to the Odyssey BMX Texas Toast Jam this weekend. It’s bigger and better than last year, with a tighter, more techy dirt section, a new and improved Gauntlet of Death, better street course and even a flatland section. I went out yesterday to check in on the guys and it’s a lovely, colorful mess of ramps and paint right now. Some of which look dreadfully fun to shred.

Oct 10, 2012 5 comments
2012 Texas Toast Jam Progress
Recent Roll: 2012 Texas Toast Jam Progress

Sure, it may look like a bunch of dudes, standing around, looking at some plywood but those are the most capable ramp builders west of the Mississippi. The crew is already cracking away at the 2012 Texas Toast Jam course. With the dirt already getting shaped and the ramps underway, you can expect it to be bigger and better than last year. I’ve seen the sketches for some of the course and its insanity.

Last week I swung by to see the guys. While I was checking in on their progress, I shot some photos with the Hasselblad. Check ‘em out! And if you missed out on my photos from last year, see them here and my Recent Roll photos here.

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Fairdale: Taj and the Weekender

When I first met Taj, we were talking about what kind of bikes Fairdale should do. I told him a 1×10 or a 1×9 is what most people need (or don’t know that they need, yet). They’re perfect for commuting and are relatively low maintenence. Taj and the Fairdale team worked their magic, creating one solid bike. Hell, he even rode Portland to SF on his!

See more information at the Fairdale Weekender page.

Aug 11, 2012 5 comments
Defgrip: Photogallery – Fairdale’s Seattle to SF Tour

The northwest offers up some superb riding, best tackled via touring or credit card touring. The long, arduous days clear the mind and purge all weight that found itself on your shoulders. Sandy Carson, Taj Mihelich and Seth Holton have an excellent Photogallery up on Defgrip from their recent tour. You’ve gotta check it out! As a side note: Taj did this on his Weekender, a great 1×10 “light tourer”.

Jul 25, 2012 3 comments
Fairdale: Bobby’s Bee Story

We’ve all had an encounter with a bee while riding a bike. I got stung last week on our Cloud Burst ride and just recently, Bobby from Full Factory Distribution got a little more than he bargained for. Read up on the story and check out more of Taj’s killer illustrations at Fairdale.

Jun 27, 2012 2 comments
The 2012 Fairdale Bikes Kick Ass!

Wow. To think that Fairdale started off last year with really simple singlespeeds and have branched out into everyone’s soon-to-be-favorite commuter bikes… The new Fairdale line is looking great. From the simple chromed Coaster, to the Flyer 26″ cruiser, Step-through 26″ (check out the top tube flip!) and the Weekender Disk, the whole line has something for everyone. Your local Full Factory-distributed shop will have these in stock at the end of the month.

The coolest thing about the Weekender is that Taj is about to embark on one of the best touring routes in the country on Saturday. He’s taking his Weekender from Portland to SF on a two-week tour with Sandy Carson. Jealous!

Expect more from that trip soon, but for now, head to Fairdale and check out the offerings… and on a related note, the 2012 Sunday! collection is up at Defgrip. Check that out too.

Jun 7, 2012 3 comments