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Empire BMX: Kevin Porter – 48 Hours in Austin

I love watching Kevin Porter ride almost as much as I like getting in arguments with Empire BMX on Twitter. Kevin’s style is one of the most unique in BMX and I’m sure he was stoked to get out of Chicago for 48 hours. Bummed I missed you this time man!

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Empire BMX: Tom Smith 2012

Empire‘s team is on point. Here’s the latest from rider Tom Smith. That last clip is huge in person. Damn! If this isn’t entertaining enough for you on your Friday afternoon, you could always engage in Empire’s Twitter.

Jul 27, 2012 2 comments
Empire BMX: 420

Empire‘s Bad Idea opening credits may just be the best intro ever. Check it out as the team thrashes the storefront and stockrooms.

Apr 20, 2012 2 comments
Welcome Home Puckett

Puckett’s back in Texas after an 8-month hiatus in Louisiana where he lived in a trailer and worked his ass off at a factory. People’s lives often go through cycles but hanging with this dude the past few days has been fun. Oh and the Empire bowl is scary as shit. I need to practice BMX more.

Apr 7, 2012 1 comment
The Vans and Empire BMX Ruark Shoes
Vans / Empire BMX Ruark shoes

Vans has historically been tied to BMX and skateboarding, so it only makes sense that they would support one of the biggest companies in the industy. There’s no comp when it comes to Empire BMX. This is Texas after all. To commemorate general badassery, the guys designed the Empire BMX Ruark shoes to smoke bowls, dirt, street and parks alike.

Featuring a canvas upper, Vans BLC cupsole, Vanslite midsole for fewer bruised heels, the WaffleGrip outsole,  and a vegan-friendly construction, the Ruarks are a large improvement from the standard, off-the-shelf Vans. I went up to see these in person yesterday and photographed them at the newly constructed Empire BMX bowl.

Pick these up at Empire BMX for $59.95

Check out more photos by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

Apr 5, 2012 2 comments