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eBay Gem: Merckx Stuttgart Pista

I know what you’re thinking but this is not my old track bike. It’s actually a few years older than my bike was. This one’s a bit smaller too and it’s ending today on eBay

May 31, 2012 1 comment
Merckx Mondays

Molteni shirts? Sure! These aren’t quite available yet but when they are, I’ll letcha know. They’re gonna be good and that’s not the only Eddy Merckx-inspired shirt for this week’s Merckx Mondays. There’s one more shirt in today’s post, along with a crazy Merckx time trial bike, sent in by a reader.

Check out more Merckx Mondays below!


Apr 9, 2012 Comments are OFF
Cobalt Blue Kinfolk Complete

Kinfolk produces some of the nicest track bikes. They’ve been doing it for so long that there are no surprises. You’re buying a handmade in Japan, Keirin-inspired machine and now, you can hack away at an eBay auction. Start your bidding here!

eBay shut the auction down, stay tuned via this post on Hypebeast

Mar 28, 2012 1 comment