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Visiting Richard Sachs

Photos by Dan Chabanov

I’ve always wanted to hang out with Richard Sachs at his home in Warwick, but it’d have to be before cross season, ATMO. Dan Chabanov has been racing under this legend’s name for a few years now and last week, he got to see ATMO’s digs. Check out the full photoset here!

Sep 4, 2013 3 comments
Manual for Speed: Philly Part 01

“We’re gonna go race bikes for 120 miles and we’re gonna go up a wall and people are gonna yell. It’ll be good. There’s no point waxing poetics about it.”

Manual for Speed takes a look at Dan Chabanov’s first Philly Pro Race in a very informal piece, written by, you guessed it: Dan himself. I love MFS’ unique approach to cycling journalism, if for only pulling quotes like this:

“That’s kind of a stupidly large statement, but it’s true, and here I am. And I don’t care that it’s not the same promoter, and its a different Philly race and its a different course—that doesn’t fucking matter. It’s a pro bike race, it’s going up the Manayunk wall, it’s fucking Philly. For all intents and purposes, if it walks like Philly, if it smells like Philly, if it goes up the Wall, it’s Philly.”

Check out more Phillyness from the mouth of Dan at Manual for Speed.

Jul 29, 2013 Comments are OFF
Dan Chabanov’s Highstreet Compact Prototype Track

Dan posted this photo up on his Tumblr earlier today. It’s of the new Stanridge Speed prototype track frame. Adam and Dan worked together on what I would call a much more practical geometry. The early name for this prototype is the “Highstreet Compact”. We’ll see if that one sticks. Personally, I’m more into compact lines on a track bike, rather than a low pro and this bike looks like a beast. We’ll see how it performs tonight at the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard!

Jun 8, 2013 6 comments
Dan Chabanov Got Himself a Camera

I’ve known Dan for many years and before he was a road or cross racer, he was a bike messenger and a photography student. This “shoot as you go” mentality has done him well and with a recent purchase, he’s been keeping his blog up to date with candid photography like this. You should really follow him on Tumblr and make sure you Ask him all the tough questions like “how can I win the Red Hook Crit next year?”.

Aug 17, 2012 4 comments
Dan Chabanov’s Lens – Training and Racing in Arizona for Foundation
Recent Roll Dan Chabanov's Lens

I’ve been a long time fanboy of Dan Chabanov, in case you can’t tell. He rode through the alleycat rankings in NYC, raced at Kissena and then moved rapidly up through the road racing circuit. Last year, he even raced for Richard Sachs. Before the Red Hook Crit, he and his Foundation teammates went to Arizona to train and race.

While Dan was there, he shot some disposable cameras for me and when I was in NYC last month, he dropped them off on me. These four rolls follow Dan on solo rides through Oro Valley to Oracle,  on training rides with his team, in hotels, back porch haircuts and finally, a 75-minute long crit.

The thing that’s most interesting to me about the subject is that Dan’s a bike racer with a photography background. His playful and whimsical photographs really paint a portrait of what it’s like to travel, train and race. For me, this was a very compelling Guest Gallery. I love that they disassemble their bikes completely and fit them in suitcases. Brilliant.

Click the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

Apr 23, 2012 9 comments
The 2012 Red Hook Crit Cinelli Vigorelli Prize Bike
The 2012 Red Hook Crit Cinelli Vigorelli Prize Bike

Dan Chabanov has won the Red Hook Crit for the third time, meaning he now has three prize bikes. Each year, Cinelli donates a complete build to the winner and year after year, the bikes keep getting better. The 2012 trophy bike was already in King Kog‘s window when I went by on Sunday, so I took it out for some lens love.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

Mar 26, 2012 10 comments