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Cocora Velo

This takes the whole camp coffee and coffee outside thing to a whole new level!

“All The Places is a travel film series exploring our relationship with food, culture, sport and the environment. Each bikepacking trip maps out a new travel route through a region of global significance – whether it produces coffee, whiskey, music, tea, apparel, world class athletes, palm oil, or centenarians.

Colombia is world class in two things, coffee and cycling. In episode one, CocoraVelo, we look at these two important and very well-acquainted industries and as they converge in a symbiosis unlike anywhere else in the world.

This is the Napa Valley of coffee.”

Feb 9, 2018 1 comment

With some of the best coffee and best climbs in the world, Colombia is a gem, hidden in plain sight.

May 17, 2017 5 comments
Starting the Weekend Off Right

Coffee, friends and stoked faces. Thanks for the morning ride, guys! If you live in LA, and can make it out on a 2-4 hour ride each Friday morning, follow @GoldenSaddleCyclery for the meetup time and location each Thursday. The ride begins at Intelligentsia Coffee in Silver Lake and ends at Free Coffee Friday at Mission Workshop, to ensure you’re good and caffeinated all day.

We’ll see you at the All-City GSC Happy Hour Ride this afternoon. Enjoy the weekend!

Jan 13, 2017 1 comment
Flat Track Coffee Kickstarter!

Yes, you should support your local bike, record and coffee shop forever and forever but that doesn’t mean you can’t help other small, independent shops grow at the same time. My (old) local coffee shop and friends at Flat Track Coffee have just launched a Kickstarter to help expand their Austin, Texas facilities into a complete roaster and expand their digs.

Backers get to choose between a bag of coffee, shirts or their new camp mugs… depending on how much you want to fork over. Personally, I’m digging the Scoundrels designs and classic camp coffee mugs…

Head over to the Flat Track Coffee Kickstarter to see more! (more…)

Oct 1, 2015 1 comment
Stumptown’s Aeropress Day Dreams

Stumptown has just launched their new site and it features all kinds of informative stuff. Like this video of Austin’s newest citizen Bo Thunell (@bojordan) breaking down the 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and et ceteras of Aero Press coffee. Now you would think that drinking coffee day in and day out would give Bo lazer beam focus? Well…. it doesn’t, and just like the rest of us, he day dreams from time to time. And in his case when he spaces out, he spaces out to an emerald green forest filled with loam and peppered with jumps. Not a bad way to space travel. When he is back on earth he makes a great cup of joe and in this video he can teach you to do the same.

Jun 12, 2015 13 comments