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Lucas Brunelle for the Cinelli Winged Store

In the world of urban cycling cinematography, there is one name that resonates within the alleyways, avenues and city streets: Lucas Brunelle. His new collaborative cap with the Cinelli Winged Store features artwork by Futura 2000 and Greg Ugalde.

Scoop one up at the Winged Store today!

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Cinelli Winged Store: Ana Benaroya Collection

Here’s the latest from Cinelli in their artist series:

“In her second collaboration with Cinelli, Jersey City based illustrator Ana Benaroya came up with 2 new sock designs taking inspiration from the iconic winged ‘C’. The ‘Snake’ and ‘Star’ collection features Ana’s truly distinctive style mixing lively colors and shapes on high performance socks Made in Italy.

As well as her design collaborations with Cinelli, Ana has also contributed artwork designs for New York’s Lincoln Center, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Ralph Lauren, and Simon and Shuster.”

See the full collection at the Cinelli Winged Store!

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Fifo Cycles for the Cinelli Winged Store

Cinelli teamed up with one of my favorite cap manufacturers on their latest collaboration. This go-round, they commissioned Fifo Cycles to design and produce an homage to the 1988 Seoul Summer Games and the Soviet racers who took home 4 medals on the Laser pursuit bikes at the track.

There’s something very Russian post-constructivist about the design and I love it!

Head over to the Cinelli Winged Store to swoop!

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Tales from the 2014 Red Hook Crit – Manual for Speed
Tales from the 2014 Red Hook Crit - Manual for Speed

Red Hook Crit is here! Happy face! Put on your happy face. Yes it’s going to be cold, wet and it’s going to suck. Yes, that happy face of yours is going to be sprayed by the fender-less track bike topping upwards of 30mph as you rip through slick corners. Yes, you’re going to fall. Hard. Over people. Yes, you will lose this race you’ve trained all year for.

But, there is good news. Two journalist dudes will be in your face with a camera, making you look cool. Or in this case, one journalist dude who kind of looks like me (Prolly). Or I kind of look like him, because technically, he was born first… Check out Manual For Speed’s Tales from the 2014 Red Hook Crit below!


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