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2014 NAHBS: Cielo’s Ultegra Di2 Road Racer
2014 NAHBS: Cielo's Ultegra Di2 Road Racer

“Step right up, come see the latest from Cielo / Chris King – this bike has it all: tapered head tube, ENVE wheels, Chris King e’rywhere, PF30 BB, Ultegra Di2, grippy, fast tires and even the latest in chartreuse technology.”

Kyle from Chris King is always peddling the latest from Cielo and Chris King. With good reason too. Made in the same facilities as their brightly-colored, or murdered out Sotte Voce headsets, these bikes bear the same precision as the rest of the Chris King line.

The newest model in their road line, the Ultegra Di2 Road Racer is a full-on production model – meaning from the time you place your order, till it arrives at your front door, you’re looking at 60 days. Maybe 61. But still.

One reason I’m so stoked on these bikes is that any Chris King dealer can carry the frames. That means – nudge, nudge – any shop employee with a Chris King account can order one. Retail price is $2,495 for the frame, fork, I8 headset and add $300 for the matching stem. Cielo’s Road Racer frameset is also available as a standard “cabled” option. Remember, there are always Stem options too…

This bike in particular came in around 16 lbs. It might be less than that, but I don’t want Kyle wacking my knuckles with a straight edge if I’m wrong… See more of this chartreuse beauty in the Gallery! I took extra time with this one…

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Tim’s Argonaut Disc Road
Beautiful Bicycle: Tim's Argonaut Disc Road

When Ben from Argonaut Cycles designed and developed his first road frame, he was content, but that didn’t mean his desire to create the best made in the USA carbon fiber road frame was sated. Ben knew the market was changing and wanted to have even more options for his customers to select when purchasing a custom bike.

With the popularity of gravel / dirt rides and races, he knew that his current racing geometry would need some finessing and with the increasing demand for disc brakes, the opportunity arose to adapt.

A bike suited for off-road riding has a few tweaks to the geometry. The rear end will be slightly longer, the bottom bracket, just slightly lower and the head tube loses around half a degree. This enables the bike to still handle fast on sealed roads, but really be at home on dirt. Tire clearances are important as well. These bikes fit a 28mm tubeless road tire with ease, which is all you need for gravel. Remember, this isn’t a cross bike.

The Argonaut Disc Road bikes that the Rapha / River City Bicycles team rode during the Rouge Roubaix were developed for off-road conditions, while staying true to their race machine pedigree.

For those familiar with the Di2 hydro system, you’ll note the front plate of the shifters were painted black. Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward. 140mm disc rotors, Argonaut Made in the USA frameset, ENVE bars, ENVE stem, ENVE wheels with custom decals and dripping with Chris King’s precision components.

Tim from the team has the first production model. After an afternoon of shooting photos and video of the bike in action, I took it out for some portrait photos.

This bike ripped apart the dirt and stood out from the pack at the Rouge Roubaix. See more in the Gallery!

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Cielo Introduces Classic and Racer Stems

Over the past few years, Chris King and Cielo have moved closer and closer to being able to offer the components to dress an entire bicycle. New to their catalog are the Classic and Racer Stems. Both of which are made in-house, from 4130, available in many lengths and 0 degree or +/- 6 degree. Each stem is available in a variety of paint colors and the faceplates all match the full Chris King anodizing spectrum.

See more information below and head over to Cielo to buy direct.


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Whisky Parts Surly Krampus MTB
Beautiful Bicycle: Whisky Parts Surly Krampus MTB

I love how you can take a frame that’s very accessible and affordable, strip it, then paint or powdercoat it. From there, you can either rebuild the stock kit, or build it up with choice components. For Matt at Whisky Parts, he did the latter.

Matt put a Whisky fork, bars on the front, a Whisky seatpost, Chromag stem, saddle, Industry Nine wheels, Middleburn cranks, HOPE pedals, Hope brakes and a Chris King bottom bracket. The all black component list just makes that gold powdercoat pop! I think this bike was my favorite at Frostbike and I gotta tell ya, it makes me want to do something rad with my Pugs…

See more in the Gallery!

Feb 28, 2014 15 comments
Cycles d’Autremont Road
Beautiful Bicycle: Cycles d'Autremont Road

Hubert from Cycles d’Autremont has been in town for a few days now, en route back to Burlington, Vermont. He brought two bikes with him on his trip, one of which being this deep red road bike. The color is what really caught my eye, which coincidentally came from a reference in Rem Koolhaas’ book Colors – Hubert’s an ex-architect as well…

Some details, which will probably catch the eye of builders off the bat: To keep the proportions balanced on this 52cm road bike, Hubert machined in-house a 1.25″ taper head tube and ran a Chris King Devolution headset for proper stack.

He then used a tapered top tube from Deda so he could run a 27.2 post, 25mm Deda Chainstays and thinner seat stays.

Dura Ace, ENVE and Chris King, Challenge Strada tires… Yep. This thing is stylish! As described by Hubert “this thing for me was an exercise in doing a new-school bike”. Believe it or not, bikes like this are much cheaper for a builder like Hubert to make. The whole thing goes together much faster than a randonneur frame or a traditional lugged road.

See more in the Gallery!

Feb 6, 2014 22 comments
Chris King Tamper at Wright Bros Brew & Brew

I’ve always wanted a Chris King tamper, but never had the use for one. A good espresso machine is way out of my budget and besides, I like socializing at coffee shops and supporting the business. I’m lucky to have two shops close by here in Austin, one of which being the Brew & Brew. It’s a half beer, half coffee bar and it just so happened they were in need of a new tamper.

Last week, I brought them a brand new red Chris King Tamper (thanks guys!) and yesterday, during the full nuke sunset, I went by to shoot photos of Megan, the barista using it. I can’t promise epicness, or bikes, but the tamper is damn fine.

Did I mention they have all the colors of the campione del mondo in stock now?

Check out more below!


Feb 5, 2014 7 comments
Chris King Celebrates 1,000,000 Bearing Races

Yeah, bearing races. They might seem insignificant to you, but Chris King is the only manufacturer of headsets that makes their own bearings and races in house. Truth*. This past week, they celebrated their 1,000,000th bearing race. Head over to the Chris King blog for more!

*if it’s not true, I’d like to see details!

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Sean’s Cielo Cross Racer by Jesse Carmody
Guest Gallery: Sean's Cielo Cross Racer by Jesse Carmody

My friends in Los Angeles have pretty exceptional talents and taste. Speaking of the latter, Mr. Sean Talkington took advantage of Cielo’s industry pricing at Interbike and put down a deposit on one of their snazzy Cross Racer models. Sean’s new to cross bikes but he couldn’t pass up the deal! After a few months of waiting, his bike showed up and the capable hands at Golden Saddle Cyclery built it up for him.

Sean also works at Golden Saddle part time and is hoping that more customers will look to Cielo for an option when it comes to a MTB, road, touring or cross bike. Since he promotes made in the USA products through Team Dream, he felt like it was time to support US frame builders like Cielo.

Back to this build: You can have a completely dialed bike, but even underneath all that Chris King and SRAM components, bad photos will never do a good bike justice. Luckily for Sean, he’s good friends with Jesse Carmody, an exceptional photographer. Man, Sean really is living the Team Dream Team Dream.

As the sun was setting, these two went out into the woods and the result is in the Gallery!

Jan 9, 2014 21 comments
The 2012 Hatcher Pass Black Cat Prize Bike

David Trimble’s races are nothing short of epic. Especially when it comes to last year’s Hatcher Pass race, which left one participant bound for the hospital in a helicopter after he finished. You can read all about the race here at Bicycling. As promised to first place, this custom Black Cat prize bike was recently finished. Laced with Chris King and sporting a wicked paint job, this bike is ready for the next Hatcher Pass. That is, if there will be a next one! See more photos at Dave Trimble’s Flickr.

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Chris King: Now Shipping Wheelsets

Chris King’s in-house wheelsets have begun rolling out the doors of their Portland facilities just in time for the holidays. This year, if you buy a cyclist anything, buy them some King! Check out the full offerings at Chris King. I have the R45 / Hed Belgium wheels on two of my bikes and I swear by them!

Nov 26, 2013 1 comment