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Cadence: PEZ Collection and Episode 1

Looks like the project that Dustin from Cadence has been working on with artist PEZ has finally launched!

“Cadence is proud to announce the exclusive release of special collaborative project with PEZ.

PEZ is a prominent street artist and deeply rooted figure in San Francisco cycling and messenger culture.

Honored by the opportunity to work with PEZ we wanted to share his story with those who may have yet to hear about him.For the next three weeks we will release an episode on PEZ which we hope sheds some light on his influence and involvement in cycling and graffiti cultures.

Pez x Cadence T includes original PEZ pin and or sticker. Available now!”

Pick up a PEZ x Cadence shirt here!

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Cadence: Raw Denim Back in Stock

Cadence’s popular Raw Denim is back in stock. Made in the USA, with construction that will last years, for under $100. Pick up a pair here but remember, raw denim will stretch out a size or two, so size accordingly.

Apr 25, 2013 10 comments
Cadence: DVS Fantoms In Stock

The DVS X CA DNC line always delivers and the newest model, the Fantom looks great. Pick up either black or white, while stock lasts, at Cadence.

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Cadence: Megane Glasses

The Megane are the original Cadence glasses. In fact, the name “megane” means glasses in Japanese. Made in Japan and ready for your prescription. Available in 10 pieces each color now at Cadence.

Mar 12, 2013 1 comment
Wilis’ Rosko Team King Kog Cross
Beautiful Bicycle: Wilis' Rosko Team King Kog Cross

Ok, ok. I’m playing hookie right now from the interwebs and am probably staring down the rear brake yolk on this beaut, ripping through the limestone and singletrack of Austin. There’s something to be said about a bike that’s usually seen from the rear during a race, which is what a lot of Wilis‘ race companions had the pleasure of admiring. Cross bikes aren’t meant to be dainty, precious objects that you wipe down every day. They’re meant to be dirty, muddy and fast.

Wilis showed up to Austin with his Rosko cross bike and it was too clean to shoot photos. We’ve been riding a lot, #corndogging and just having a blast hitting the local trails and hills. After a couple days of that, his bike looked good and happy, i.e. primed to shoot photos. I love Seth Rosko’s work and was very pumped on his grassroots support for King Kog during this year’s cross season. The team did well and the bikes did exceptionally well, even Wilis’ Campagnolo beast saw the podium on more than one occasion.

There’s something very metal about a black bike and this one’s got battle scars just about everywhere, save for the Cadence bar tape. Oh and the Pearl Velo bottle was my touch! We’re both fans of H.G. Wells.

Mar 5, 2013 8 comments
Cadence: Trekker 2 Sling

This year, Cadence took their popular Trekker sling bag and made it even better. Now this all-around shoulder bag has a chest stabilizer. It’s still made in the USA, still all black and still solid as ever. Tote your camera, your jacket or whatever with you on your ride.

Pick one up here at Cadence.

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Cadence: Place Camera Bag

This is the first point and shoot camera bag that I would actually use. It’s black, Made in the USA and fits on your backpack, messenger bag or belt loop with ease. It even has a cell phone pouch. Cadence thought of all the details with the Place Camera Bag. Scoop one up today.

Feb 4, 2013 7 comments