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Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track
Beautiful Bicycle: Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track

The owner of this Gangsta track has been hanging around Shifter Bikes since he was in his early teens. Now, years later and he’s got an itch to ride his bike out from the city on a big, weekend ride. Before he could do so, he needed Dan to add bottle braze ons to the frame.

Now, the technique Dan used didn’t involve a torch, but it did involve a drill and a device called a Nutsert. More on that later. For now, let’s check out this rad Gangsta Track!

Oct 25, 2013 22 comments
Brooklyn Machine Works 650B Hardtail

From a company whose name resonates in the NYC downhill and street scene comes a new bike model, suitable for the modern rider. If steel is real then Brooklyn Machine Works are as authentic as they come. BMW’s history lies heavily in tried and true mountain bikes, so it should be as no surprise that when Joe decided it was time to develop a few new models, one of the first on the agenda would be a 27″ or 650B.

This bike is literally 10 days fresh and it’s already been put through the works. Fresh off the mountain, I was able to not only photograph this beauty, but take it for a spin around the block. I’m a sworn 29’r rider, through and through but even I was impressed at the zippiness and tight, responsiveness of this Made in Brooklyn masterpiece.

Don’t let the mix of parts distract you, Joe wanted to ride it as soon as he could get it built up. With the tapered fork, even with the smaller diameter wheel size, the 650B comes in 9 ounces heavier than the 29’r. It’s still a prototype, so some specs are to be tweaked but I think it’s safe to say “so far so good”… Check out more in the Gallery.

Jul 31, 2013 7 comments
NYC Street Snaps 01
Yesterday, Harry and I went on a ride.

Without New York City, I wouldn’t be who I am today and quite possibly, this site wouldn’t even exist. The people here are like family and while I may be detached from their day to day lives, I still always roll through for a quick visit when I’m in town. Lauren and I arrived late Sunday, so yesterday was our first day in town.

I swung by a few spots in Brooklyn after my friend Harry and I took a morning spin around Central Park. Later, day turned into night and I turned to some of my old digs to meet up with some old friends. Beer, bros and bikes. Just like the Brooklyn I left three years ago.

Most of these photos are quick shots, or portraits but all came from the Sony RX100… Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

Jul 30, 2013 9 comments
A Brooklyn Machine Works 29’r Hardtail?

I swung by Brooklyn Machine Works yesterday to see what Joe had been up to when he greeted me with two new BMW models: a 29’r and a 650B hardtail MTB. Both are made in the USA, right in Brooklyn, are helllllla affordable (under $800 for the frame) and are made from True Temper Supertherm. They’re within 9oz of each other’s weight, mostly because the 650B has a tapered head tube but they’re pretty light! Here’s a really simple photo of the ‘niner and I’ll be returning today to do a more in-depth story on the bike.

The first run sold out before anyone even knew about them (myself included) but I’ll definitely be picking one of these up when the next run is done!

Jul 30, 2013 11 comments
One of My Favorites

I’ve been cleaning out my hoard drives and trying to pull together a 35mm zine (hey, who isn’t doing one?) when I came across this oldie of Puckett. This was from one of the first Recent Roll posts here in Austin.

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Trackosaurus Rex: Austin’s BMW Gangsta Track/lo Cross

Photo by Kyle Kelley

The Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta track was one of the first cross over track bikes that really could adapted for just about any terrain. I remember a few messengers in NYC racing cross on these bikes at Staten Island a few years back. One of those messengers was Austin Horse. Well, he’s still on it. In fact, he raced the Westside Invite in LA a few weeks back before heading over to Japan to race cross and another Red Bull event.

Before Austin embarked for Japan, Kyle at Tracko took some nice photos of this unique machine. Check out more photos here.

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Way Back When: My Old Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta’
My BMW Gangsta

This one comes from way back when we were all riding 23c or 28c tires, grinding on Milwaukee Bicycle Co Stout chainring guards and riding square taper cranks. It was that awkward and yet nostalgic time period where fixed gears and fixed freestyle bikes looks very similar. This was the second size large Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta’ produced and at the time, I was grinning ear to ear when I got my hands on it. While there wasn’t really a fixed freestyle “team” for BMW, Joe had some great people riding and thrashing these bikes.

I dug these photos up while cleaning out a hard drive and thought I’d share. Credit goes to Sasha E for the shots because I was still firing away with a Casio pocket camera at the time….

Check out more below!


May 11, 2012 6 comments