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David’s Zanconato Cross Bike
David’s Zanconato Cross Bike

David, or as many refer to him as “the Wilcox”, is a bit of a legend in the Boston-area, much like Mike Zanconato, the builder of his trusty cross bike. Since 1998, Zanconato has been building custom bicycles in Massachusetts, which is where David got this matte-black beauty.

While Tim and David were in town this week with the Rapha mobile cycle club Tillie – after a grueling drive straight from Louisville – I shot photos of his race bike, still caked with Kentucky mud. His build is steller with Chris King, CX1, Wolf Tooth and yes, a Quarq power meter.

See more in the Gallery!

Nov 13, 2014 7 comments
MERCIBOS: Exhibition by Artist KCE at Firefly

This Saturday, April 26th at Firefly in Boston, the mystery artist KCE will be presenting some of their prints. If I wasn’t at the Whiskey 50, I’d be there – so if you make it out, do so! See more details at the Firefly Facebook.

KCE was kind enough to send over some stealth teaser images from the show, which you can see below…


Apr 24, 2014 1 comment
Firefly and New Balance

It’s great to see two Boston brands representing American production and fabrication: New Balance and Firefly Bicycles. Although, it’s a little weird to go through that whole speech and end with “1 out of every 4 pairs of shoes we sell in the USA is made or assembled here”.

May 24, 2013 13 comments
Tomii Cycles: Bobby’s Fat Road

This is Tomii number 12 if I’m not mistaken and in the short time Nao has been building, I have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him progress. This latest customer project is best described as a “fat road bike”. Bigger tires, disc and Dura Ace downtube shifters. Pretty interesting component choices, wouldn’t you say? Check out more at the Tomii Flickr.

May 7, 2013 20 comments
44RN: Luxe Wheelworks Joy Tech Skewer Lever Replacement

While 44RN might be known best for his 144#47 rings, Aaron loves to tackle projects, no matter how simple they are. Take this replacement lever for the Joy Tech system, done exclusively for Justin at Luxe Wheelworks.

When you’ve been working with wheels as long as Justin has, you learn a thing or two about skewers and applying that knowledge will merit a sharp product. These will be available through Luxe Wheelworks custom wheel builds soon.

Check out more at 44RN.

Oct 10, 2012 4 comments
It’s the Little Things

Marty at Geekhouse is probably the biggest Chris Chance fanboy out there. Somerville, Mass and its framebuilding community are forever in debt to Fat City Cycles. Little homages like this prove it! Man, I can’t wait to build this thing up!

Oct 9, 2012 6 comments
More 44RN 144#47 Chainrings Coming Soon

I put this up on my Tumblr, meaning to schedule it for a week from now, only to have it go live today, sending a slew of emails my way. It is true, 44RN is machining a new batch of 144#47 chainrings this week. That means another week or so for anodizing. As it stands, there will be 50 silver and 50 black rings in my web shop around Halloween.

This is only to alert you that you should set money aside for one. As far as I know, they’ll be $77, the same as before. Aaron is a very talented designer and he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He’s not making much money here, and it’s only after constant pestering that I convinced him to do this.

Everyone who’s had these rings (myself included) has nothing but positive things to say about them. So get stoked!

Oct 4, 2012 22 comments
Luxe Wheelworks: Wheel Porn Made to Order

Justin Spinelli has spent years as a professional racer and mechanic. His company, Luxe Wheelworks is nestled in the freshly-established HQ in Boston, where he assembles high-end wheels for clients all over the US. Even if you have no use for his wheelbuilding expertise, you really should check out his blog for some wheel porn.

Also, Justin, thanks for the water bottles!

Jun 19, 2012 6 comments