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Spaces and Faces

Carrying around the Hasselblad all day is not exactly fun but when I get a few rolls back, from various Shop Visits, it’s all worth while. These photos are from recent spaces and faces, some of which you’ll recognize, others you wont.

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Aug 22, 2012 4 comments
2011 NW Rapha Gentlemen’s Race

Mixed in with my rolls of film from my 2011 Summer Tour were a few random photos. We already saw a couple from LOW and now here’s a handful from the 2011 Rapha Gentlemen’s Race that took place just outside of Portland last year. Truth be told, I’m way more into these photos after sitting on them for a year. Maybe it’s because I haven’t looked at them in some time, or maybe it’s more of that nagging nostalgia. For whatever reason, I’m really digging these and they can only inspire me to do an even better job covering the event this year.

Man, that HP5 looks great…

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Aug 13, 2012 4 comments
Jake Ricker’s Photos from Chicago

Photo by Jake Ricker

With everyone finally detoxing from CMWC, it’s great to see the first runs of film photography making it out of the processing facilities. Jake’s photos from Chicago (and the ride to Chicago) are great. If you really want to see a behind the scenes look at the comradery that goes down at events like this, check out his Flickr photos here.

Aug 13, 2012 Comments are OFF
In a Year

A lot has changed in a year and yet, a lot remains the same. My time spent on the site has increased to 12 hour workdays, and I’m spending more and more money keeping it fresh these days. Most of that goes to film, processing and camera equipment. And all of the funding for the site comes from the ads. If it weren’t for you guys visiting and the companies supporting the site, I wouldn’t be here, doing what I love and it’s photos like these that remind me of this, every day.

These two shots were taken last year at LOW, after my Portland to SF ride and now that I’m back in Portland, a year later, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I guess I just want to thank everyone for another successful year at the site. I’ll keep doing my best to bring you the best content from the best builders and shops. The world has really responded well over these last 12 months and I’ll remain dedicated to the cause.

PiNP is a one-man show that’s made possible by you! Thanks so much for the support…

Oh and yes, the rest of these photos will see the light of day soon. Promise.

Aug 12, 2012 31 comments

I’m still kinda buzzing from my time in Indonesia and these photos from my T4 in Jakarta aren’t helping. Riding around a city like this, with 20 people can be a bit nerve-wrecking at times but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. We all had a blast and as these photos show, were smiling ear to ear the whole time.

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Aug 6, 2012 12 comments
60 Years at the Käpylä Olympic Velodrome

I scooped this one off Affinity’s blog. Sinda Jukka is a long-time Affinity supporter and he just sent Jason these photos from an afternoon at the track, where the locals raced to celebrate 60 years of the Käpylä Olympic Velodrome in Helsinki.

Grain is good. See the rest of these lovely photos here!

Aug 1, 2012 7 comments
Cloud Burst!

From the day I flew into LA, all Kyle kept saying was “we’re gonna take you on the hardest ride of your life”. All I could think was “what? we’re going to Australia?”. Turns out, Cloud Burst, aka Cloud Bonk is a tough ride. Not the hardest ride ever, but a damn tough ride. So what qualifies as a tough ride? Well, for starters, you’re climbing for like 30 miles straight, from sea level to 7,000′. And there are no shops, no spigots, no nothing to get water. Just a crap shot of drinking from “the Earth”. Previous experiences with that cunt, Mother Nature has left me bed-ridden for days… So yeah, it’s not your every day, supported, group ride through the dainty countryside like a lot of centuries I’ve done are.

Cloud Burst does live up to its nickname and yes, it is a tough ride but how can you fixate on the negatives with such a rad crew? I had so much fun this day that the photos don’t even begin to capture it. Sure, it’s beautiful and yes, these roads are some of the finest California has to offer but to experience this ride with your true friends is something else.

That and the burgers are the top are the best! In the end, my Garmin was showing under 10k of climbing, so we hit Griffith to bring it to a nice and even 120 miles and about 10,300′ of climbing.

YEESH! I will say, this is the most fun I’ve ever had on a bicycle before and these photos are my absolute favorite 35mm ride photos. Ever.

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Jul 3, 2012 7 comments
Mt. Wilson

The Angeles National Forest is a magical place. If you decide to take any of its roads up for the full ascent, you’re in for a great day of climbing. One of my favorite rides is Mt. Wilson. From the Shell Station at the bottom, to the top, it’s about 18 miles up. It was the first time I’ve done any HC climbs but the group I was with made it feel like a walk in the park. It’s extremely breathtaking. Since we rode out to the ride, we totalled 60 miles and over 6,000′ of climbing.

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Jul 2, 2012 4 comments
Hollywood Babylon

I went on a lot of rad rides while in LA and this one in particular I had always wanted to do. It’s a ride through the hills, over some dirt running trails and up the backside of the Hollywood sign. Save a pinch on the dirt, it ended up being a blast. 30 miles and 2,600′ feet was the perfect amount of riding that morning.

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Jun 29, 2012 2 comments
The Geekhouse Boys in Austin

It’s surprising to me how many people have the misconception that “Texas is flat”. While most of the eastern part of the state is indeed, very flat, in Austin, we’re smack dab in the middle of Texas Hill Country. Granted, the highest elevation we have is around 1,500′, there are plenty of good rides with 1:1 ratios of miles to elevation. When Brad and Marty from Geekhouse came into town a few weeks back, they said something to the extent of, “Austin’s pretty flat, right?”.

So, like any good host, I took them on a little hill loop. The weather was just right and not wanting to kill Marty, we took it easy, meandering through ranges and stopping at swimming holes. We ended up doing 40 miles and over 3,000′ before the allure of tacos took over…

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Jun 28, 2012 4 comments