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Rob and His All City Nature Boy
Recent Roll: Rob and His All City Nature Boy

Usually, when I shoot a portrait of a rider and their bike, it goes at the end of a post but I really liked how these photos of Rob came out so he’s getting two galleries. Rob is quite the character. He came into Pearl Velo the day after NAHBS while I was working, snot dripping from his nose, bag all crusty and his bike was filthy. I couldn’t help but pull of the Mamiya 7ii and fire off a few shots. Rob helps throw a lot of the alleycats in the Denver area and has put in some serious saddle time on his Nature Boy. A full bike check is coming but for now, let’s admire this red-bearded brethren. Ladies, don’t get too hot and bothered, he’s taken!

Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Portra 400

Mar 7, 2013 9 comments
Brenton Salo: Smoke and Ride On

Photo by Brenton Salo

Around the time that I was shopping for my M7, Brenton was looking at the Leica R6.2 SLR. Those cameras are bomb-proof work horses and Brenton’s recent exposures are doing it justice. He posted this up on his Tumblr last night and I had to share. It’s like some modern day rendition of some hardened stage racer smoking on a mountain pass.

Digging the TCB Rack as well!

Mar 5, 2013 5 comments
Chrome Familia Reunion: NYC Link Up

Today I’m going to play a bit of catch up. I’ll be resuming NAHBS coverage, sparingly, while trying to transition back to normal. We’ll start with the newest from Chrome:

“Our man Card’s flew out to NY last summer to “Link Up” (no pun intended) with the rest of the Familia. He wanted to get the entire fam together and, collaboratively the team came up with this short.

Shot/ Edited: Rick Charnoski
Produced by: Six Stair”


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Brenton Salo: Machew

Photo by Brenton Salo

Before this blog takes a nose dive into NAHBS, I wanted to share this portrait of Machew that Brenton Salo took on a sunny afternoon in Portland. Loving the tones here.

Feb 21, 2013 1 comment
Brenton Salo: Sharky Waiting…

Photo by Brenton Salo

Between Damian and Brenton, I feel like I know the bike messengers in Portland. I’m loving the latest portrait of Sharky waiting on a delivery.

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Mile High Messenger Challenge II

The second annual Mile High Messenger Challenge is coming up on Saturday, February 23rd in Denver, Colorado. Check out more information at the event’s Facebook page.

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