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Recent Roll: Chas and His Cinelli Mash

My friends in San Francisco are the best. They’re all hustlers in their own perspective professions and regardless what people say about the “Cali” lifestyle, they’re always on the grind. When he’s not running traveling the world racing, he’s running his company, TCB Courier with a handful of other like-minded individuals. Call him many things: “freshly shaven”, entrepreneur, #fixiefamous, whatever, this dude is living the dream.

I stayed with Chas for over a week the last time I was visiting and out of everything I shot on my trip, these three photos of him riding that green Cinelli Mash prototype track frame are some of my favorites. All shot from a moving bicycle…

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

See two more below!


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The NACCC is This Weekend in Seattle

If you’re in or around Seattle this weekend, try to make it to the NACCCs! Even if you don’t race, the organizers could use your help as a volunteer. See more at the NACCC website.

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Waking Up With TCB

Nice one from TCB Courier in support of their new kit pre-order!

“When we’re not busy on the streets, you can find the riders of TCB keeping it real and always looking it fresh in SF. Support us in raising money for a new cargo bike by picking up a TCB kit, so we can bring more food to you faster! The kit, produced by Endo Customs, is available now in our web store at Pre-order ends June 30th!”

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Sally Carson’s Fixpert Comics: Issue 01 – The Skids

Everyone’s NYC tale is worth sharing in my opinion and some take the extra effort to illustrate their journey. Take Sally Carson for example. The debut issue of The Skids is Sally’s auto-biographical tale about her days as a New York City bicycle messenger in the days after 9/11.

Check it out here.

Nice find Tracko!

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Wolfpack Hustle: Competitor Spotlight – Austin Horse

Photo by Takuya Sakamoto

With Wolfpack Hustle’s second installment of the 2013 Unified Title Race Series, The CVCCTR Crit looming in the near future, they’ve decided to turn up the heat a bit with a Competitor Spotlight series. The most recent being Austin Horse. With a name like “Horse”, he’s gotta be a beast on the bike right? Of course he is but he’s much more than that.

Head over to Wolfpack for the scoop on the Horse.

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Bern Sessions New York: Part 1 “Squid”

Bern has a new web series called “Sessions” out, focusing on one of my favorite people in NYC, Squid:

“Kevin “Squid’ Bolger, has been an NYC messenger for 20 years. He has been wearing Bern helmets for 9 years. A icon in the streets of NYC, he has seen the city and biking there change a ton. Squid was a pioneer helping to organize early alley cat races in NYC and pushing track bike racing with his velocity tour. Through earning his spot within urban bike culture he has used his fame and reach to help make cycling more safe and accessible to more people.

He has served as a Bicycle Ambassador for Transportation Alternatives and helped to educate working cyclists on how to ride safely. To us, Squid is family and a key member of our team. He was the first cyclist that backed our product and helped us push our image throughout the world. We are proud to present a window into Squid’s history, his life and his thoughts on cycling, helmets and NYC. For more info about Squid, check Cycle Hawk.”

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