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Yanco’s Cetma Wrap and Bottle Holster

Yanco is a bag maker in Los Angeles probably known best for his collaboration project with Tracko, the Ramblin Roll. Over recent years however, he’s branched out into making specialty bags for the cycling community in LA.

Currently, he’s making everything from packraft bags, to handlebar pouches and little projects like this Cetma rack “wrap” he uses to make deliveries or on errands. It’s not a full-on bag and that’s the beauty of it. There’s little weight added and it stabilizes load. Also new to his product line is the bottle holster. While these can be found from numerous vendors, I liked his draw chord detail.

If you’re digging these bags, be sure to give him a follow on Instagram @jonesville and holler at him if you’d like one.

Aug 27, 2015 8 comments
Mission Workshop: Hauser Hydration Backpack in Black MultiCam

The Hauser has been my go-to bikepacking, MTB riding and even commuter day pack since its inception. A highly versatile bag that’s both made in the USA and super comfortable just got more stylish (depending on how you feel about camo). The latest bag is made from black Multicam printed cordura. Multicam is a subtle print that looks even better splatted with mud… For those who always ask how I carry a camera on the bike, I use the 10L for DSLRs like the 5Dmkiii or rangefinders and the 14L for the Canon 1DX and two lenses.

See more at Mission Workshop.

Jul 16, 2015 2 comments
SOLD OUT: Porcelain Rocket and the Radavist MultiKOM Charlene Seat Packs

If Froome and Porte decided to take on a bit of soul riding, they might don these new collaboration Charlene seat packs. Whether you’re actually trying to KOM hard climbs, or just want to take on the Mountains of Madness within, these MultiKOM packs will inspire both heckling from friends as well as personal badassery. Made in Canada by Porcelain Rocket, printed on licensed MultiCam fabric and the perfect size for everything from commuting to road riding to light bikepacking trips.

Oh and Happy Bastille day!

Limited Edition of 21 only for 21 stages of the Tour. Each bag is $150 USD and costs $5 for shipping to the USA and $10 International.

See more information and pick one up below SORRY, SOLD OUT. (more…)

Jul 14, 2015 6 comments
Seagull Bags Relaunch and Add New Bags to the Flock

Seagull Bags took a short hiatus to figure things out and move the brand in a few new directions, resulting in two new bag models. One of which is a do-all backpack, stepping away from Seagull’s previous silhouettes of messenger style backpacks. The Nightshift V2 was designed with exploration in mind. Or just standard day-to-day use. Cargo straps make it easy to bring a few extra items along and interior pockets keep things organized. Also new to the lineup is the Trail Buddy hip pack (or shred pack as I like to call them). Carry your tools, snacks, camera, one-hitter or even a burrito in it and hit the trail without worrying about a hydro pack.

All of Seagull’s bags are made in Columbus, Ohio.

Jun 2, 2015 Comments are OFF
Mixed Works: Black Bird Panniers

Poland’s Mixed Works brings something new to the touring rack. Their new Black Bird panniers are completely waterproof, offer an easy to use rolltop design and modern hardware. They’re sold individually, only at Mixed Works, so head over to see more information.

May 20, 2015 20 comments
Porcelain Rocket’s DSLR Slingers

Scott from Porcelain Rocket launched a small run of DSLR Slingers on his site yesterday. These on-the-go camera bags allow you to drop in a mid-sized DSLR, rangefinder or Micro 4/3s camera, and simply pull them out to get the shot. There’s no need to stop and open a backpack or a handlebar bag.

While they’re not big enough for a pro DSLR with a battery grip, they fit a 5Dmkiii and a smallish lens. I fit a 5Dmkiii in mine with a 24-70 mkii lens but it felt a lot better on the bike with my Mamiya 7ii, Leica M7 or my little Fuji x100t. Remember, you’re putting weight on one side of the bike and they tend to hit your knees while climbing, so the smaller the camera, the better in my opinion.

The DSLR Slingers are in stock now at Porcelain Rocket for $150.

Apr 22, 2015 7 comments