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Mission Workshop: the Transit Duffle

Mission Workshop are best known for their cargo backpacks and Arkiv system bags. Recently the SF-based brand launched two sizes in duffle bags. The Transit Duffle can be carried by hand, worn on your back or even strapped to your bike rack, by using its integrated straps.

Check out more at Mission Workshop.

Mar 3, 2016 8 comments
Big x Top’s Mini Saddle Bag

In the winter months, sometimes it’s hard to carry everything you need for a long-distance ride in just a jersey pocket. Oftentimes you’ll need a hardshell, a baselayer, arm or leg warmers and warm gloves. Sure you can put all that on and be fine, but as the day goes on and it gets warmer, you’ll shed a few layers. That’s why I like bags like Big x Top’s Mini Saddle Bag. It isn’t an all-out touring bag, but it offers some easy-to-access extra space for your gear.

Feb 19, 2016 7 comments
Blackburn’s New Expandable Outpost Frame Bag

The detail-minded readers of the site might have picked up on this bag last year in my initial review of the Niner RLT9 steel ‘cross bike. The photoset featured the newly designed expandable Outpost frame bag from Blackburn. Now, there are tons of options for bikepacking frame bags out there, but the Outpost had a few details that caught my attention. For one, there’s a water bladder port, an easy to set up divider insert, straps to secure the bag to your frame and a drop-down expansion flap for when you need every square inch. Now, a production frame bag won’t fit your bike as well as a custom one, but the Outpost has enough straps to at least secure it. See more details at Blackburn!

Jan 26, 2016 3 comments
Brooks Metropolitan Collection

As a brand, Brooks has really grown from just making saddles by hand in England. While they continue their British handmade saddle heritage, they’ve also introduced a number of handy bags, for both on and off the bike use. Their latest additions being the Mott Weekender duffel and the Rivington Rucksack. As a part of Brooks’ new Metropolitan collection, these two bags are handmade in Italy and as expected, carry a stout pricetag. Stout, but well worth it in my opinon anyway. See more at Brooks England.

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Seagull Bags: Trail Buddy Hip Pack

Hip packs are a great alternative to a backpack or a handlebar bag. Just throw your essentials in them and go. Seagull Bags’ latest product is the Trail Buddy, a hip pack in just the right size. See more at Seagull Bags.

Jan 11, 2016 2 comments
Superleggero Makes Stylish Cycling-Inspired Accessories

The world of cycling has inspired fashion on multiple occasions and one of the most commonly-used precedents is the King of the Mountain Jersey. Awarded to the climber with the most points in the Tour (I know you already know this), these “polka dot” jerseys are an iconic design. Superleggero makes cycling-inspired fashion accessories, mostly for women but the Mademoiselle Musette is a classic design that in my opinion could be used for men and women, either as a classic musette or an over-the-shoulder handbag.

Head over to Superleggero for more!

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High Above Makes Handmade Hip Packs for Shredding

I’ll swear by a shredpack anyday. Why cover your entire back with a backpack when you can get away with a hip pack? Over the past few months, I’ve been obsessing over these functional packs, checking out what various makers are whipping up in their workshops. One such maker is High Above. Based in Bellingham, Washington, they make two sizes in their hip bags: Das Radpack (small) and the Cascadia (large). Both bags can be coupled with a Bottle Rocket holster for either a beer can or water bottle.

Check out the various color options at High Above and expect a shred pack showdown on the site in the coming weeks!

Dec 28, 2015 9 comments
Strawfoot for Giro Musettes

Vince and Garrett at Strawfoot love doing work for their local heroes at Giro. This round, they made a limited edition musette using Giro’s breathable water resistant cotton fabric. Like other Strawfoot musettes, it features a sternum strap to keep the bag steady while riding and a top flap with a snap closure. It also packs down to easily fit inside a jersey pocket for easy stashing. Made in Santa Cruz from people who love to ride bikes, for people who love to ride bikes and in stock now at Strawfoot.

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