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The 2013 PiNP Calendar: May

This is the fifth layout of the 2013 PiNP Calendar, entitled “The Middle of Nowhere”. The camera, lens used and location are noted on the bottom left of the document.

There were many moments during my recent ride in Australia where I came to a skidding stop, hand already in my backpack, pulling out my camera but this is by far one of the my favorites. If you’ve ever wanted to go somewhere that looks like nowhere else, this is it. You know, just doing my share for Tourism Victoria…

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May 1, 2013 2 comments
Seek Me

Yesterday I was in bed, with food poisoning all day (funny how I didn’t get sick at all in China) and so I didn’t get to post any weekend stokedness. It’s not too late. Get out and seek this.

Apr 27, 2013 1 comment
Fyxomatosis: Woodn’t it Be Nice

Photos by Andy White

Many years ago, Andy had his first love affair with the ‘Wood. You can read about it here (seriously, do it). I remember the first time I read that ride report. My mind was blown. “Those Aussies are insane”. This year was the first time a large group went on the ride and it won’t be the last time. Before you read about some brand claiming the roads are their own, go out and do it yourself. These roads are yours for the taking.

If you need any more motivation, head over to FYXO for the full checklist of how to get into the ‘Wood as well as more incredible photos.

Great photos Andy. Let’s do it again in October.

Apr 18, 2013 3 comments
If There Was an HC for Stokedness

Well, we’re all back from Shifter Dan’s 40th Birthday Bush Bash. After two days, 180 miles and over 31′,000 of climbing, we’re all a little sore. That said, if there was an HC for stokedness, we’d all be there. More to come, but for now, here’s Dan finding his inner spirit animal while climbing into the birthplace of the Necronomicog.

Apr 15, 2013 2 comments
Merckx Mondays

It’s Merckx Mondays (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) and I’m back in the land of Eddy Merckx. Not Belgium, Melbourne. As far as I’m concerned, classic Eddy Merckx bicycles in Australia is pronounced “F Y X O”. Andy’s supplied the world with great photos of classic steel bicycles over the years and his new 7-FYXO kits are looking great. Pick up the 7-FYXO Jersey here and the FYXO classic bibs here.

Don’t miss the full FYXO photoset here.

Apr 15, 2013 Comments are OFF
Black and Orange is the New Black
Dan's customized Giant cross bike.

This site has featured Shifter Bikes numerous times in the past and since arriving in Australia, I’ve already picked up on a few changes at Dan’s shop. Here’s a little preview showcasing some new accents that just so happen to be orange and black…

I’ll be setting up my desk at the shop while I’m in Melbourne, so swing through.

Apr 9, 2013 3 comments
Fyxomatosis: Office

Photo by Andy White

While the Fixed Mag cover is a beautiful sealed road, this road epitomizes unsealed beauty. Andy posted this around the beginning of the New Year and I was holding off to post it so I didn’t jinx my trip back to Melbourne. I’ll be staring down this frontage road once again and I can’t wait. This truly is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and having ridden it already, maybe it’ll be easier? Who knows. Andy and Dan are already threatening to “break me again“…

Download this as a wallpaper for your desktop here.

Feb 5, 2013 7 comments