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Interbike Had its Moments

Photo by Josh Hayes

Look, I hate Las Vegas and I’m not too stoked on Interbike, but being able to hang out with friends the whole time is certainly a high point. Especially these dudes. Magic just happens, like the moment I realized the vuvuzela makes an exceptional beer bong!

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Jeff’s All-City 853 Macho King Hydro Disc Cross
Beautiful Bicycle: Jeff's All City 853 Macho King Hydro Disc Cross

Being the brand manager for a company like All-City certainly has its perks. One of which being you get to cook up ideas for new bikes, ride said bikes and have your buddies Instagram and photograph these bikes. My job, although the later is already understood, was to make said bike plenty dirty for the photo shoot.

Since Jeff from All-City got into town for the Keep Cross Weird race, we’ve been riding everyday and aside from one MTB session, it’s all been on the local roads, trails and tracks here in Austin. Rocks, mud, river crossings, sand, limestone and more, the whole time Jeff was so stoked to be riding this bike. Why? Because it’s unlike anything All-City has cooked up before.

Hydraulic disc brakes, courtesy of SRAM, a disc Whisky parts fork, Reynolds 853 tubing and a mix of other spare parts Jeff had lying around, certainly put this bike in the well used category. When I asked if Jeff wanted to wait for his new cranks, seatpost and saddle to come in prior to shooting the bike, he replied “this is how I ride my bikes!”. Honesty that matters.

The All City 853 Macho King is a prototype and whether it goes to production or not, depends on the people’s demands. If you like this bike and want to see it go to production, holler at Jeff in the comments!

Check out more #lightbro shots in the Gallery!

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Keep Cross Weird Photos!
The mud run up / photo: Nick Cantrell

What an event! For the past year, I’ve been putting in intense laps on this little piece of singletrack over on the east side of Austin. It’s not much, but for me, it got me in mode for cross season. When I casually mentioned the idea about doing a race here in Austin to Jeff from All-City, he was so down. The only question was: is it gonna be weird?

I never thought making an event weird was the key ingredient. I was just reminded of the cheesy tie-dye “Keep Austin Weird” shirts but when Kyle and Jeff got into town, they wanted to know how the race was going to be weird.

Honestly, I did very little, other than make a tough, technical and different race go down. 50 people registered, twice as many spectated and about 30 finished. There were glow-sticks marking off the treachery, log hops, muddy run ups, a 200-foot sand sprint, fast, twisty singletrack, a long wooden staircase run-up and a creek crossing.

One guy raced it on a BMC track bike, another on a fixed gear, there were three mountain bikes, a bunch of cross bikes and a basket bike. Oh and Tucker showed up on his neon pedicab.

The fastest lap was 9 minutes and the winner did an extra because he didn’t believe me that the race was done.

So in the end, this race was pretty fucking weird and no one was hurt! We ended the night at Yellow Jacket Social Club where I threw all the race money back at the participants with a keg of beer and cash prized for the top 3 and 1st lady.

There were a bunch of photographers on hand, but I chose to post Nick Cantrell‘s and Gideon Tsang‘s photos from the Yellow Jacket.

Check out Erik Binggeser’s photos here, Dirt Drops’ here and J.A. Hicks’ very pro photos here!

Austin, you surprise me every time.

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Well That Was Weird

Photos by Gideon Tsang

Last night’s Keep Cross Weird race was a huge success. 50 racers registered and a great spectator crowd formed. There was a lot of mud, even more running and the fine folks at Yellow Jacket Social Club kept the drinks coming all night.

I’m still playing host to a group of people, so the site will be kinda quiet today. Oh and I didn’t even take a camera to the race with me. Which is very weird. Gideon did however, so check out his photos on the Beat the Clock Facebook!

If you shot photos, please email them to me!

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The Official Keep Cross Weird Race Course Preview!

This Thursday is the All-City and PiNP Keep Cross Weird race here in Austin. Surprisingly, there will be a good amount of people coming in from out of town to race, hang out and get in on some local riding over the weekend.

One of the main questions I keep receiving over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is “what kind of tires / bike / gearing should I be running?”… Now that’s all a matter of preference, but let me offer up a preview to course and let you decide for yourself.

Check out more below!


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All-City: Retseck Collection

All of you Bridgestone fans need no introduction to George Retseck. His work is most recognized from the early 90′s catalogs he illustrated for the American division of Bridgestone. This notoriety has kept Retseck working for various cycling brands over the past two decades, most recently All-City.

To commemorate this bad-ass illustration of a Macho Man Disc Cross, Jeff got these shirts and posters printed up.

Not bad at all! Pick one up at your local All-City dealer and don’t miss the post at All-City, or that pint glass!

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All-City Cycles and PiNP Present: Keep Cross Weird

Yep. It’s going to be fun. Real fun. So fun, that you’ll probably spend more time off your bike, than on, depending on your skill level…

Jeff from All-City has wanted to visit Austin since first going to NAHBS, so we conceived a crack-pot idea of throwing a race and flying Tracko out as the ringer.

Prizes are going to be good, but limited. $5 buy in. Race starts at 7pm, with registration opening at 6:30pm. 18+ ONLY. Meet at the Roy G Guerrero park gazebo in East Austin. Ride whatever you’ve got! Come race, or just hang out and heckle. It’s going to be in a public park, so alcohol isn’t technically allowed. Be creative… Afterparty TBA.

It’s going to be a dark course, like, no stadium lights, so bring a good riding lamp. There will be some technical singletrack, run ups, sand pits and a few surprises.

I know it’s kinda short notice, but if you’re able to come out, do so. We’ll be riding cross and MTBs all week.

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All-City: Fulton Racing Team Photos

What seems like ages ago, I was in Minneapolis for the All-City Championships. It was a very, very blurry time in my life, because all we ended up doing was partying and riding. One evening, Jeff asked if I could tag along with the Fulton Racing Team as they embarked on a “cross practice” ride. Basically, we rode some tight singletrack on cross bikes in the woods.

I can deal with that! While it was too dark to shoot in the woods, I managed to get some pretty decent team photos, which Jeff just posted. Head over to All-City to check them out.

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