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Tomii Cycles’ Hand Hammered Bells

Nao from Tomii Cycles has a knack for making ordinary objects extra-ordinary. Take these Velo Orange bells that he disassembles, then hand-hammers and creates a patina in the process. These retail for $30 from Tomii Cycles, or you can buy a VO Bell and do it yourself. Kudos to you, Nao!

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Chris McNally for Spurcycle… BOTTLES!

San Francisco has something for every cyclist. If you’re into road riding, there’s plenty to fill the afternoon with hairpin turns that bank into the fog. Or if gettin’ dirty is more your liking, the ribbons of brown pow await.

Chris McNally has illustrated the “skinny” and the “dirty” in two bottles for Spurcycle. In stock now and ready to ship!

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Team Dream and the Radavist Fade to Black Pack in Stock Now
Fade to Black

What do you do once the sunset chasing is done? You let it all Fade to Black

Team Dream and the Radavist bring you yet another jersey collab, this time utilizing their striped fade design in a grey to black gradient. The jersey has Team Dream and the Radavist insignia on the sleeves, a minimal ENDO logo on the front and fits like all other ENDO jerseys.

All with matching socks by DeFeet!

There are Black Compression Bibs in stock to compliment the look, and if you’re not into this colorway, Team Dream has stocked new designs as well. Head over to Team Dream Bicycling Team to see the full launch and check out more photos below… (more…)

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D.Fender’s Fat Bike Fenders are Made in the USA

Photos and words by Morgan Taylor.

Jarrod Bunk aka @hopecyclery is committed to fat biking year round. So committed, in fact, that he saw the need for a fender that would cover up to a 5″ tire and keep the mud out of your eyes. Jarrod started making fenders in his spare time and others voiced their desire for such a product.

When I got my hands on an early D.Fender prototype last winter, a few people asked why I would even need a fender on a fat bike – they’re meant for snow riding and that’s it, right? Well, I think that’s a shortsighted viewpoint. This style of fender is ubiquitous in the greater mountain bike world, and for good reason. (more…)

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Strawfoot for Giro Musettes

Vince and Garrett at Strawfoot love doing work for their local heroes at Giro. This round, they made a limited edition musette using Giro’s breathable water resistant cotton fabric. Like other Strawfoot musettes, it features a sternum strap to keep the bag steady while riding and a top flap with a snap closure. It also packs down to easily fit inside a jersey pocket for easy stashing. Made in Santa Cruz from people who love to ride bikes, for people who love to ride bikes and in stock now at Strawfoot.

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Stoemper Soft and Hard Goods

You don’t have to buy a custom frame to support framebuilders. Stoemper is one of my favorite framebuilding brands and they just stocked a few goods in their webshop: two t-shirts and a handmade belt buckle. Head to the Stoemper store to see more!

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Search and State: Hooded Riding Sweatshirt
S1-Hooded-Riding Sweatshirt-Instagram - 1

Far from the first “riding hoodie,” but one of the nicest looking ones in recent memory, the Search and State Hooded Riding Sweatshirt utilizes a sleek material with simple detailing to make it a great on or off the bike jacket. It’s constructed from ultra-durable Japanese french terry, with locking Riri zippers to a full size front pouch-pocket, internal routing for electronics and uses multiple panels for an ergonomic fit.

These are slim-fitting, like all SAS gear, so if you prefer a looser fit, size up.

See more at Search and State.

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