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Yonder Journal: Wilderness Prints

Illustration by Nathaniel Russell

This print from Yonder Journal celebrates and congratulates Wilderness. Here’s an excerpt:

“Congratulations Wilderness. Congratulations Wilderness for being just what you are, not that you need our gratitude. You would be better off without us anyway, the conscious, self-righteous/self-loathing, needy us. You would even be better off without the fawning, in awe, perpetually blissed-out us, the enlightened us, the elevated us. You would just be better off without us, without our tents, our non-motorized vehicles, our horses, our campfire rings, and our buried feces, you would still be you, an even better, cleaner, you, you would be Wilderness just as you were meant to be, absent the blight of consciousness, the acne of sentience.”

You should read the whole piece at Yonder Journal and pick up a print at the YJ Web Shop!

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Abus’ New 410 Ultra Lock Lineup

I love Abus‘ locks and it appears their new 410 Ultra products have rounded out the 400 lineup…

“This attractive and easy to use lock fills the gap in ABUS entry level u-lock security at an incredibly pocket-friendly price point and shines by offering an complete collection of locks: the mini; mini with cobra cable; long shackly mini; long shackly mini-u with cobra cable; standard size, standard with cobra cable; and a long shackly version.”

Check out more information below and head to your local shop to order.


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SOLD OUT: Radavist Raidō Rune Top Caps

I can’t keep these in stock and as it seems, after each batch of 100 sells out, I get dozens of emails, so here ya go, another re-up of the Radavist Raidō Rune Top Caps. In the Elder Fuþark, a rune’s orientation effects its intended power. That goes for Raidō as well. Inverted, mirrored, off-axis all have consequences. Which orientation do you run yours?

Made in the USA by KustomCaps and featured in Bicycling Magazine this month. Seriously, no joke. Swoop one up below for $12 shipped worldwide.


Nov 4, 2014 13 comments
The New Topo Designs Apparel is Bike Friendly!

Photo by Gideon Tsang

Sure, it’s not technically “bike wear” but I’ve still enjoyed wearing, riding in and camping in the new Topo Designs apparel. With a newly improved fit, the shorts feel better and the flannels are an amazing companion during fall camping trips.

This is all I wore for two days and couldn’t be happier. See more at Topo!

Nov 4, 2014 10 comments
Firefly Bicycles: Cable Knit Mugs

It’s getting cold out yonder and that means one thing: time to drink warm liquids – even more. My mug-consumption goes through the roof these months with all my hot toddy and coffee intake, so why not mix it up a bit with the new Cable Knit Mugs from Firefly Bicycels? Only $35 at the Firefly Webshop! Warm beverage holders don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

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Velocio’s Zero Bundle

New Hampshire’s Velocio knows a thing or two about cold weather riding and apparel for women. That’s why they’re bundling up their Zero Jacket and Zero Bib Tights in a package that rakes in 15% of total savings.

Head to Velocio to see more.

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Inside Line Equipment’s Apex Day Pack

Inside Line Equipment’s lineup of bags keeps growing by practical leaps. Introducing the ILE Apex Day Pack, a backpack simple enough for your day to day use, yet adaptable for when you need it to do a little more. I love the hydration pack integration! See more at Inside Line Equipment.

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