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RockyMounts MonoRail Swing-Away Platform Rack

If you’re looking for a bike rack for your hatch back, check out the new RockyMounts MonoRail swing-away platform rack. This new rack fits 2″ hitches and will hold bikes with wheel sizes between 20-29″. The spacing of this rack ensures there’s zero frame to frame contact, including fatbikes with suspension and wide, 197mm rear spacing.

The MonoRail also utilizes a proprietary anti-wobble chromoly hitch tube that’s lightweight and corrosion resistant, a locking hitch pin, and a cable lock. As shown, it’s MSRP will be around $529.95 and includes a lifetime warranty, or you can buy a third add-on for $149.95.

RockyMounts will have more information after Interbike on their website, but you can contact them for ordering information now.

Sep 13, 2016 4 comments
SOLD OUT: The Radavist Slipmats v2

They’re back! This time, in a simpler design. These are printed on thick black felt with the Radavist rune text in tan. I’ve upped the run to 200 this round, so everyone should have a chance to pick one up.

There aren’t discounts for multiple slipmats, because the shipping goes up with each additional one. If you order 2, they’ll both come in the same package. They’re $12 shipped in the USA ONLY. Because of the size of the mailer these come in, shipping internationally is almost $20. Sorry!

If you’re in Los Angeles, Mark at Vacation Vinyl has a few in stock as well. Scoop one, or a pair up below. Sorry SOLD OUT.

Sep 12, 2016 2 comments
The Moots Baxter 29r Bikepacking Rig

There are technically two things named Baxter at Moots. The first is a banana-eating Chocolate Labrador and the second, a drop bar 29’r designed to specifically for expedition riding or bikepacking. As you can see, it’s a burly beast with three bottle cages and is made from Moots’ proprietary 3/2.5 Pi Tech titanium. See more specs below and check out more information at Moots.


Sep 12, 2016 12 comments
More Geoff McFetridge!

Photo by Jordan Haggard

First things first: how did you start riding road bikes?

It was a slow-burn thing for me. I moved to LA, and I couldn’t help but notice the occasional rider travelling through the city, exploring and traversing. I got a road bike and just rode alone all the time, and I dug in to the aesthetics and feelings of riding a bike. The interesting thing is that this was around the time of Armstrong, so cycling was booming, but just not in the way that I was interested in. I mean, I loved to watch the Tour and so on, but it wasn’t why I rode a bike.

Check out more from this great interview at Rapha!

Sep 9, 2016 Comments are OFF
The Radavist 2016 Calendar: September

This is the seventh layout of the Radavist 2016 Calendar, entitled “Surprise Sunset” Shot with a Canon 70d with a 18-135mm lens in Gray Creek, British Columbia

On the second day of their tour, Found in the Mountains tackled a whopping 40 miles and 6,500′ climbing, on their fully-loaded Soma Wolverines. As they climbed out of a valley to the Gray Creek summit, they were greeted with a full nuker. Gray Creek is coincidentally the highest dirt pass in Canada!

NEW: There’s also a mobile image uploaded for anyone wanting a mobile phone background each month. September’s image is from Los Angeles, featuring a tall dead tree and dust. Click here to download September’s Mobile Wallpaper.

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper*, right click and save link as – The Radavist 2016 Calendar – September. Please, this photo is for personal use only!
(*set background to white and center for optimal coverage)

Sep 1, 2016 4 comments
WTB Introduces the 45mm Riddler Tire

For those still wanting more rubber than the 40mm Nano and can fit a larger tire in their frame, WTB introduces the Riddler in 45mm. This multi-purpose tread is designed for everything from ‘cross racing to dirt road riding. Big tires like this can drastically change your ride quality, for the better. I’ve got a set of the Riddlers waiting to be mounted up and can’t wait to get in a few rides on them. In stock now at your local dealer and see more information at WTB!

Sep 1, 2016 20 comments
Speedvagen’s 2016 Surprise Me! Road

Each year, Speedvagen offers up a Surprise Me! option for their road and ‘cross bikes. This year’s models feature bright gradients and polka dots, building over previous year’s designs, with three color palette options. When you order a Speedvagen, you can choose your paint, or you can tell them, Surprise Me! Head over to Speedvagen for more information.

Sep 1, 2016 7 comments