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Manual for Speed at the Tour de France

The two boys of wander are at the Tour this year and nestled inside each day’s Fabergé egg are a slew of great photos. I don’t know how you plan on spending your morning, but picking up with Stage 10 isn’t a bad distraction… Follow Manual for Speed for another 13 stages!

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The Rapha Classic Sunglasses
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.30.39 AM

I love it when Rapha does small projects like this. Especially when they’re made either in the UK or in the case of sunglasses, Italy. Mazzucchelli 1849 and Carl Zeiss Vision have created sunglasses for the luxury cycling brand and you know what? They look damn good. Check out more details below and see the full collection at Rapha.


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Boulder’s Cognoscenti Tour Preview
untitled shoot-227

Photos by Kevin Scott Batchelor

Cognoscenti offers guided, catered and supported road tours through the mountains surrounding Boulder, Colorado. As a preview for what the team offers, photographer Kevin Scott Batchelor tagged along for a shakedown of sorts. Check out the story below. For more information on Cognoscenti and how you could win a free package, along with a $500 travel voucher, head to over to their Dream Tour site.


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Spencer Harding’s Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route Photos Are Amazing!

Photos by Spencer J Harding

When I first saw Gabe’s photos from this ride, It looked like an amazing route and after seeing Spencer’s photos from the same-ish trip, I’m aching to get out onto this system. The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route is one of the latest series of maps from Adventure Cycling. It’s a challenging course with plenty of rewards, but at a cost…

See Spencer’s excellent documentation at his Flickr!

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Yonder Journal’s Piute Pass Has Begun

The gang took to high Sierra in their latest excursion, which coincidentally still had snow at altitude. Snow and rain. Did I mention it’s still cold up in those parts? Day 01 seems like a cake walk compared to what they’ll experience later on in the trip, so head over to Yonder to read all about it, while their bikes are still in one piece…

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Mission Workshop: Loch House

Scotland seems other-worldly to me and Sam Needham’s photos in the newest Mission Workshop Field Test series capture that bleak, yet serene, almost alien landscape. Head over to Mission Worskhop to check out the full report.

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Scenes from the Chris King Gourmet Century in Bend

Photos by Dan Sharp

The Chris King Gourmet Century brings the wonderful world of food together with bikes, in a whole new way. Recently, the event landed itself in Bend for a day of MTB riding and gorging on delicious food, as prepared by Chris King chef, Chris Diminno. Having been on the receiving end of Chris’ cooking many times before, I’d say the attendees got their share of gourmet snacks as well as plenty of Bend dirt.

Check out a few more photos below and see the full report at Chris King’s Blog.


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