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Team Dream Team: The Full 36 Number 20

Photos by Sean Talkington

The last time I was in Los Angeles, Sean had his Yashica on a ride we did up the 2 one morning. It was the most epic I’ve ever seen that lonely highway and his photos really captured the mood. I love the shot of Kyle and the crow.

See the Full 36 Number 20 at Sean’s Flickr. Now what’s up with that jersey, Kyle?

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Limberlost in the Plains of Abraham

The guys from Limberlost visited one of the most epic MTB locations in the Pacific Northwest: Mount Saint Helens. There’s a quick photo story up on Limberlost right now, so head over and check it out if you like mountainous epicness.

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The Radavist 2015 Calendar: April

This is the fourth layout of the Radavist 2015 Calendar, entitled “Log Jammin’”. The camera and location are noted on the bottom left of the document.

While trees shoot to the sky, Matt rides a fallen giant as part of a bonus line in the Brown’s Camp trail network, just an hour drive outside of Portland.

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper*, right click and save link as – The Radavist 2015 Calendar – April. Please, this photo is for personal use only!

(*set background to white and center for optimal coverage)

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The Strawfoot Easter Egg Hunt in Austin Was a Success!
Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

“Take the path less traveled going west and find me atop a metal nest….”

This morning on a quick road ride, I snuck down into an old trestle bridge and hid the Strawfoot pouch, containing stickers, top caps, a pair of Strawfoot Arcade socks and a special coupon for the prize. Before Jonathan and I had finished our ride, a handful of people had shown up around the same time to snipe the egg.

Gavin was the first to the bag, yet he shared the bounty with the other easter egg hunters. We met up shortly after and I gave him his prize: the James Brand knife. Color me jealous!

We’re all stoked on this contest and would like to thank all parties involved!

Mar 31, 2015 5 comments
Inside the Vanilla Workshop
Inside the Vanilla Workshop

Sacha White and the Vanilla Workshop has been around for over a decade and in that time, they’ve shaped what it means to be not only a frame builder in the US, but what it takes to be a successful brand. Whether it’s a custom, hand-built by Sacha, Vanilla frame or an in-house production Speedvagen, you’re going to get the best frame possible.


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Yonder Journal’s Dead Reckoning

The latest from Yonder Journal is quite possibly (actually, it just is) the largest project the team has ever undertaken. Here’s the synopsis:

“In 2015, Yonder Journal will investigate, ascertain, and document the peripheries and possibilities of exploration by bicycle. We call this project Dead Reckoning*. At it’s core we will apply the technologies and methodologies of adventure biking, bike-packing, and ultra-lightweight touring, to multi-day expeditions with a focus on going Over Mountain, the concept of Over Mountain being the the most essential and transformative form of human exploration.

The first of our Dead Reckoning expeditions took us to New Zealand’s South Island where we would attempt to cross the island from east to west, traveling across roads, trails, and unmarked land that has seldom if ever seen bike traffic. The crux of our route would be a Broderick Pass, a seldom traveled route hidden deep in the Southern Alps. It was quite an adventure.”

Check out some samples below and the full, massive photo story at Yonder Journal.


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BicycleStarz Wheel Building Table, Spoke Nipple Sorter and Wheel Dishing Tool
BicycleStarz Wheel Building Table and Tools

The other night at the Velo Cult party, I got to see a demo from a new company out of Washington state, BicycleStarz. Now, I have to give you a bit of a disclaimer: if you’re a wheel builder, brace yourself, because these tools will leave you frothing at the mouth like a bamboo starved panda…

Coincidentally, all of these tools are made by hand, using bamboo when possible and are filled with such elegant details that they dance that ever-present line of utilitarian art I always speak about.

Check out some in-depth photos below.


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Forest Park with the Athletic

Part of Portland’s allure is the accessibility of exceptional “all-road” riding. The Athletic‘s office is just minutes away from Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country. While most of the singletrack and trails are illegal for cycling, two roads, Leif Erikson and Saltzman offer plenty of dirt and gravel to make an average road ride all the more interesting.

Add in the beauty of springtime green, some killer #lightbro, great company and you’ve got one hell of a short, sub 20 mile ride.

Check out more photos below!


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