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Manual for Speed: Tour de San Luis – Día Dos

The dudes are down in Argentina for the Tour de San Luis doing there thing – which is, by the way, so finely-tuned these days. Their unique form of anthropological archiving of professional bike racing is unstoppable. Head over to Manual for Speed to soak in some Argentinian culture. Oh and bike racing. Oh and a sick mix tape.

Jan 21, 2015 4 comments
Pretty Damned Fast

The ladies over at Pretty Damned Fast have an excellent post up, showcasing both the Cyclocross Nationals and our race on Sunday after the postponement of the finals. I can’t get enough of this stuff! Head over to Pretty Damned Fast to check it out. It’s great seeing a website written by women, commentate on what it’s like to race as a woman and yes, Fuck Brunch!

Jan 21, 2015 1 comment
All-City Cycles Covers Crash Nationals

Photo by Marty Wood

The Crash Nationals night race was a huge success and even with all the nighttime shenanigans, had a good amount of photographers out, documenting the fun. It’s always a great feeling knowing that people thoroughly enjoyed your race, especially from such a fun city like Minneapolis.

Jeff from All-City shared his thoughts on Crash Nationals at the All-City Blog, head on over and check it out for some more great photos by Marty Wood!

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Salsa Cycles: Two Days at the Gunflint Buffet

The latest photo essay from Salsa Cycles takes place in what many Americans consider to be “fly over country.” The midwest is home to some beautiful landscapes, filled with rushing rivers and dense forests. A few guys from Minneapolis went out to Grand Marais and rode the Gunflint Trail on fatbikes, packing in everything they needed for a few day’s outing. The resulting photos and story are inspirational to say the least.

Head over to Salsa to read up!

Jan 20, 2015 1 comment
Messengers Style from the 1990’s
Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.08.45 PM

New York City is arguably the originator of what has been marketed, packaged and sold as “messenger style.” From alleycats, to messenger bags, a lot of the visual references really took hold in NYC during the 90’s. Many of the faces and names are still in the game today.

Messengers Style is a visual showcase that illustrates what people rode and looked like in the NYC messenger community during the 90’s. This book is one that’s eluded my private collection for some time, until recently, and for those who haven’t been able to acquire a physical copy, there’s a scanned copy at Stampsy. Who needs Vogue’s interpretation of this? This is the real deal.

If you jump on it quick, there’s a used copy at Amazon right now.

Jan 19, 2015 12 comments
Manual for Speed: Human Athlete Visual Showcase – Team Clif Bar x The Radavist

It was last Thursday morning, I believe, when Daniel and Emiliano from Manual for Speed hollered hard at me via SMS about doing a Human Athlete Visual Showcase (HAVS) with Team Clif Bar at our house. Bear in mind, there were about 8 people sleeping at my house during Nats, so it was a mess but who can say no to such adorable photographers?

Saturday morning rolled around and promptly at 11am, MFS and Team Clif Bar entered the house, made us all get into skinsuits and began to do their thing. The resulting photos and a short Q&A is now over at Manual for Speed, so go check it out!

Jan 17, 2015 8 comments