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Scenes from the Chris King Gourmet Century in Bend

Photos by Dan Sharp

The Chris King Gourmet Century brings the wonderful world of food together with bikes, in a whole new way. Recently, the event landed itself in Bend for a day of MTB riding and gorging on delicious food, as prepared by Chris King chef, Chris Diminno. Having been on the receiving end of Chris’ cooking many times before, I’d say the attendees got their share of gourmet snacks as well as plenty of Bend dirt.

Check out a few more photos below and see the full report at Chris King’s Blog.


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Soaking Up Summer Crits

The Driveway Race Series takes place every Thursday during the spring and summer here in Austin, TX. It’s a super chill spin from downtown, only taking a few minutes by the new Manor trail, a paved bike path that dumps you right at the gates. As part of a review for the Fairdale Goodship, Andre and I went out to the Driveway to shoot the bike, straight from the box to the 75+ field of racers.

While I don’t normally cover criteriums, I took a few minutes to document the races before editing the photos in black and white, something I rarely do as well. The resulting images are rather nice and capture the form of criterium racing.

It really is quite the scene out there at the Driveway, so if you’re ever in town, head on over to check it out on a Thursday night.

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The Radavist 2015 Calendar: July

This is the seventh layout of the Radavist 2015 Calendar, entitled “Glacier”. The camera and location are noted on the bottom left of the document.

These mountains are unmistakable. They’re icons, sculpted by ice. Spanning from Canada and into Montana, Glacier National Park is one of the iconic national parks that borders the Tour Divide. Before dropping down into Polebridge for pastries and coffee, I had to stop to soak in this view as my fellow cyclists zoomed past, surfing ribbons of dust and gravel.

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper*, right click and save link as – The Radavist 2015 Calendar – July. Please, this photo is for personal use only!

(*set background to white and center for optimal coverage)

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YO! MFS Cribz California Edition

“There is no denying that the world’s top cyclists are a breed apart, they are competitive thoroughbreds, human wunderkind graced with nearly limitless physical prowess. What they do on a bike, with their seemingly effortless speed and cagey instincts, is a sight to behold. A sight that creates hordes of ravenous fans and colorful motorcades that stretch beyond the horizon, a sight that fuels respectable economies and liberates the oppressed. These demi-gods are responsible for all of it, a great gift and a great burden, a weight that takes considerable effort to support even for those granted such remarkable powers. Even with all of their stamina and endurance, these cycling phenoms need a place where they can recover, hydrate, and watch House of Cards. Superman has his fortress, Batman his cave, and these real life superheros, they have their apartments, condos, and flats.

In this episode of YO! MFS Cribz, Manual for Speed has been granted exclusive and unprecedented access to the Los Angeles area homes of six seasoned pros to catch a glimpse of their decadent SoCal lifestyles…”

Continue reading and see more photos at Manual for Speed!

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Manual for Speed Does Tulsa Tough

Tulsa Tough is tough, simply put and while it’s a race, it lives in infamy as one of the partiest parties in American Crit Racing. With one hill in particular being the pinnacle of said party. Crybaby Hill is one you won’t soon forgot. If you’ve never been head over to Manual for Speed for a full update!

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Kitsbow: Stormpocalypse in LA

Last month, we ventured into Chilao with our friends at Kitsbow for a bit of fun in the sun snow. Yeah, weird things happen in the San Gabriel mountains… Check out the story at Kitsbow’s journal!

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Manual for Speed: Human Athlete Visual Showcase with the Ladies of LA Sweat

The ladies of LA Sweat mean business. Their throwback 80’s kit looks rad, their attitudes are rad, results are rad and this photoshoot with Manual for Speed is, you guess it: RAD. Read all about LA Sweat at Manual for Speed and pre-order their kick-ass kit at their web shop!

“LA Sweat was formed by the need to infuse a little more estrogen into the male-dominated, testosterone-soaked sport of cycling without sacrificing speed and style.”



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