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Have a great weekend and if you can climb towards the sky. I can’t wait to share with you the stories that are coming next week!

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Those Winter Skies

… in the Angeles National Forest are mind blowing. I was going to go on with some lengthy wax poetics, but I thought I’d let this photo do the talking.

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The Bourbon Diet

Little did I know when I wrote my piece on weight loss and cycling that people would refer to my progression into fitness as “the bourbon diet.” Yet, a few years later, Bicycling Magazine reached out to me for a brief interview on what many of their staff members have found to be a different, yet tricky way to lose added weight.

“No carbs and fewer calories do not a free pass make, cautions Stanford-based nutritional scientist Stacy Sims, PhD, because your body treats alcohol differently than food. “In order for it to be eliminated from your system, it has to be metabolized. The liver takes the bulk of the job, but some residual hangs out and your body uses it first instead of burning carbs or fat, so it interferes with normal metabolism,” she explains.”

Selene did a great job on the article and it’s worth the read, so head over to Bicycling to check it out!

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Brooks England’s C13 Saddles are in Stock and I’ve Been Riding One

I’ve been a fan of the Cambium line from Brooks since its inception, yet was always hesitant to put one on my carbon Argonaut road bike. Why? I dunno, they never really matched the sleek and minimal aesthetic of my bike. Read that as: they never came in black! Now I don’t really care about weight. I’m not a gram counter, especially when it comes to saddles- even though the C13 weighs 259g – less than any of my other saddles. What I like in a ride is comfort without sacrificing aesthetic or most importantly, functionality. A lot of the über weight weenie saddles look scary or don’t fit my sit bones right. Or they’re just too damn stiff.

On the other side of the coin, Brooks saddles have always felt great. Luckily, the Cambium C13 continues this tradition just with an undated material palette. It’s so sleek that it looks great on a road bike (full driveside photo coming soon with another product review,) which I have to say has been feeling a bit neglected as of late. Yet over the past few weeks, since receiving the C13, I’ve been riding my road bike more and more, just to test the saddle’s durability and feel before I even began to think about writing this review. I was worried the C13 would lose the springiness of the other Cambium saddles when adopting the carbon weave, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it give just the right amount. The only bummer was having to track down oversize rail hardware for my ENVE seatpost.

After what I would consider a lot of road riding for this dirt-minded individual, I’m completely satisfied with the C13. It’s elegant enough for a carbon road bike, fits great, and is made in Italy. The C13 saddle is available for $220 at Brooks Dealers of Excellence worldwide or online at Brooks England.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments and check out more photos below. (more…)

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Paul Component Engineering: New and Improved Bottle Opener

Woah woah woah, what? Now that Paul makes damn fine disc brakes, their bottle opener needed a bit of a re-design. In reality, this was one of those tradeshow moments every component manufacturer has dealt with. A loyal customer approaches the booth with a “you know what you should make?” comment. This time, it was actually a great idea. Add a rotor-tuning slot to the existing Bottle Opener. Boom. Done. Does this mean all the pre-rotor tuning openers will be worth millions? Cuz I have a few!

Scoop up a new Bottle Opener at Paul!

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Whitney and Bukowski

Photo by Kyle Kelley

Kyle’s got an X-Pan. A Hasselblad-branded camera made by Fuji that takes panoramic images and uses 35mm film. These cameras can create some exceptional photographs, especially when the photo is of such exceptional subjects. Whitney, her 20/20 Cycles Kalakala tourer and a Bukowski mural here in Los Angeles.

Jan 12, 2016 4 comments
Manual for Speed: New Space Tape Colors and Speed Tee

The guys at Manual for Speed have just restocked their popular Space Tape in three colors: black, pink and turquoise. Basically, something for everyone. Except you people who roll with all-white bar tape. Also restocked is the newest permutation of the Speed Tee. This round, leave the bright colors behind. It’s time for all-black!

See the full restock at Manual for Speed.

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Volata Mag Prints

Volata Magazine has taken illustrations from their extremely well designed magazine and turned them into limited edition prints. I love a good cycling-themed poster and there are some great designs in there. Head to Volata Mag to see them all.

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Bishop Bikes: Nicole’s Columbus Gilco Track

Photos by Keith Trotta

Nicole and her husband Scott own Veloville USA, a bike shop in Purcellville, VA. Chris Bishop has gone on many rides with them over the past few years and eventually became very good friends with them. Eventually, Nicole expressed an interest in having Chris make her a track bike to race at the local velodrome with.

Because it’s a Bishop track bike, expect some beautiful lugwork and a NOS Columbus Gilco tubeset with 3Rensho Modeulo lugs, MKS track ends and a stiff Columbus Max fork. When it was finished being built, Nicole asked Bryan Myers from Fresh Frame to paint it like a butterfly wing. I’d say he nailed it!

See more at the Bishop Bikes Flickr!

Jan 11, 2016 11 comments
Velo Cult Introduces their Custom Program with a Mosiac and a Mark Nobilette Randonneur
VCMosaic - 4

New for 2016, long-time supporter of US framebuilders, Velo Cult announced their new Custom Program. This initiative launched with two flagship models: a steel Mark Nobilette randonneur and a custom Mosaic frameset. One, inspired by vintage lines and the other a modern day precision machine, crafted from steel or titanium. You could say that there’s something for everyone in there…

See more at Velo Cult and check out some beautiful detail photos below!


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Los Angeles Had a Bicycle Highway
Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.09.38 PM

“But what most people don’t realize is that way back in 1900, Los Angeles began construction on the world’s first bike highway. During this bike-crazed era, cities across the US built the earliest precursors to today’s protected bike lanes — and the country as a whole was briefly at the forefront of global bicycle infrastructure.”

Check out more of this interesting historical story at Vox!

Jan 11, 2016 3 comments
Seagull Bags: Trail Buddy Hip Pack

Hip packs are a great alternative to a backpack or a handlebar bag. Just throw your essentials in them and go. Seagull Bags’ latest product is the Trail Buddy, a hip pack in just the right size. See more at Seagull Bags.

Jan 11, 2016 2 comments
The Col Collective: Monte Zoncolan

Made famous by the Giro, Monte Zoncolan is by no means an easy climb, especially when approached by the town of Ovaro. Here, the Col Collective tackles this 20% and up beast.

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That Doesn’t Look Like Los Angeles

But it is! We got a lot of rain this past week from our friend El Niño, which translated to snow from around 3,000′ and up. Now, LA doesn’t get snow that often, much less this much, especially in our drought conditions. This morning we decided to see just how much was dumped around 6,000′ up in the Angeles National Forest and were not surprised! More on this tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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