Masi’s Legacy Frames are Made in California

This looks like a great way to celebrate a legacy like Masi:

“Celebrating our 90th anniversary, and the heritage that brought Masi from Italy to southern California, we’re producing 100 American made, hand built, Gran Criterium and Cross Campaigner frames. Featuring modern geometry, modern components, and modern, shaped Columbus steel tubing were not just recognizing our history…we’re celebrating our present.”

See more at Masi!

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Stinner Frameworks Now Offering Titanium

Steel is real and ti is uh, fly? You bet it is, especially when its wielded by Santa Barbara’s Stinner Frameworks. What is considered a lifeline companion tubing material, titanium offers a lively feel unmatched by other choices and is perfect for an “all-road” or cyclocross bike.

To commemorate this new tubing option, Aaron is offering a Ti stinner frame for $3,100 (frame and matched Enve fork) to 15 spots. There are only 5 spots left as I’m typing this, so make think about it, but do so with haste. After that, the frameset price will be $3,495 for the frame, painted or raw, with a painted to match Enve fork. Holler at Stinner for more information.

Check out some more photos below, by our dude Hazardous Taste. (more…)

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GT Bicycle’s Women’s Line

GT Bicycles gets it. I mean, I knew that ever since they hired our friend Cait Dooley. Here’s a video showcasing their new women’s lineup, which you can read all about in detail and see their mountain, enduroad and pavement bicycles, specifically designed for women at GT.

Check out a few more action shots below as well! (more…)

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Firefly Biycles: Fire

Like something out of a Mobius comic, this new Firefly uses eye-catching red and yellow chevrons while leaving most of the frame raw. All that comes to mind when I see it is one word: fire.

See more of this made in Boston beauty at the Firefly Flickr!

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Mash and Phil Wood

Mash has collaborated with Phil Wood three times now and while the original high flange green hubs were very, very nice these battleship gray low flange models turned out exquisite. These bombproof hubs are 32 hole, fixed / fixed and would look great on a street or a race wheelset.

Pick up a set of these killer hubs at Mash

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Seeing videos like this are always inspirational, especially when it’s from a woman’s perspective:

“Megamoon is a film about a journey by bike where love and adventure come together. Hannah’s personal story of how she came to be pulling a heavy trailer across the world’s longest mountain bike trail known as the Great Divide.”

For more info visit Megamoon!

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FYXO: New Products in Stock

FYXO’s got a few new designs, along with a few classics in stock now at his website including the new Horizon jerseys and wind vests. Those mysterious shoe covers magically appeared again as well. Head over to FYXO see what’s in store.

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Film, like a road can make for many great metaphors. Sometimes though, a photo itself resonates meaning to not only the creator but the audience. I just got back a bunch of film from my weekend getaway to Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley, but this is one of my favorites…

Don’t worry, if you don’t like this one, there are more to come.

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Portra 400

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Factory Five: Jeff’s TCR Disc ‘Cross Bike

As the Transcontinental Race approaches, riders all over the world are getting their equipment dialed in. Jeff from Factory5 is taking on the Vlaanderen to Istanbul course on top of a new disc cyclocross bike the shop has been developing. He’s running a super tight setup with Revelate bags, a SON hub, the Plug and other essentials. Head to Factory5’s blog for more information and best of luck, Jeff!

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Ashes to Agassiz

This looks like a wild project…

“It’s been a journey, you could say. A real barnburner. A man at the top of his professional prowess, his mountain bike a natural extension of him, one of the best riders the sport has ever seen. But like all great heroes, adversity comes a knocking. For Graham Agassiz, a relatively benign descent—one he’s done a hundred times before—reached out with its wicked limb and smacked him down. Shoved a fat slice of humble pie in his kisser. With his neck broken and a career in jeopardy, the road back to the top is now lined with dangers and demons.”

See more, including some great photos at Kona!

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SOLD OUT: Porcelain Rocket and the Radavist MultiKOM Charlene Seat Packs

If Froome and Porte decided to take on a bit of soul riding, they might don these new collaboration Charlene seat packs. Whether you’re actually trying to KOM hard climbs, or just want to take on the Mountains of Madness within, these MultiKOM packs will inspire both heckling from friends as well as personal badassery. Made in Canada by Porcelain Rocket, printed on licensed MultiCam fabric and the perfect size for everything from commuting to road riding to light bikepacking trips.

Oh and Happy Bastille day!

Limited Edition of 21 only for 21 stages of the Tour. Each bag is $150 USD and costs $5 for shipping to the USA and $10 International.

See more information and pick one up below SORRY, SOLD OUT. (more…)

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The Manual for Speed Artist Residency Kits

Manual for Speed is keeping you cool during the hotttt summer months by teaming up with five different artists and allowing them full access to the canvas we call “cycling kits.” The first two kits to be released feature the artwork of Jerry Inscoe and Mike Perry.

Additional kits designed by Sigrid Calon, Karan Singh, and Zio Ziegler are set to be released later this summer. 

For now, check out Jerry Inscoe and Mike Perry’s cycling kits at Manual for Speed’s web shop.

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Winter Bicycles Certeza Road
DSC_4055 (2)

I don’t know what’s more impressive, Winter Bicycles‘ work or the fact that builder Eric Estlund always comes up with unique names for each build. In this case, a modern road model called Certeza, which is Portuguese for certainty, sureness and confidence.

The Winter Certeza is made from a selection of True Temper and Dedacciai tubes, with a confident Columbus MAX fork. The shaped tubes are joined with an elegance found only in smooth fillet-brazing.

For the kit, Eric built the Certeza with Dura Ace 9000, C24 wheels and a PRO kit. The Cane Creek headset is done in matching black and silver. To complete the build, a stem with a “French Point” treatment. The frame and fork are designed to accommodate a range of tire widths for different surfaces and are shown with 25mm Veloflex tires. Keith Anderson provided the Certeza with it’s deep pearl white paint and gold drop shadowed logos.

Check out more detailed photos below and as always, stay on top of Winter via their Instagram.


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I figured with all the emails I’m receiving regarding the status on everything from bottles to kits, I’ll just make a post, beginning with a bit of a overall site status.

We lost our office last week. Bummer. The rent was hiked up way too high and we were essentially priced out. Things happen. Luckily, we were moved to a new space in the same complex. Yay. Unfortunately, we’re still having to move everything which believe it or not takes some time. It’s only been a year and yet it feels like we’ve just settled in. This week will be relatively slow on the site while we scramble for normalcy.

That said, all bottle orders shipped last Wednesday, so you should be receiving them shortly. ENDO customs finished the kits and they’re landing in Austin any day now. We’ll get your orders packed up and shipped as soon as possible. There’s also a surprise coming later this week, so squirrel away a couple dollars.

Thanks for all the support and thanks for understanding. We’re still a small operation here on the site, so when things move out of equilibrium, it takes us a bit to keep everything in order. If you have any comments, questions or other needs, drop them below.

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Boulder’s Cognoscenti Tour Preview
untitled shoot-227

Photos by Kevin Scott Batchelor

Cognoscenti offers guided, catered and supported road tours through the mountains surrounding Boulder, Colorado. As a preview for what the team offers, photographer Kevin Scott Batchelor tagged along for a shakedown of sorts. Check out the story below. For more information on Cognoscenti and how you could win a free package, along with a $500 travel voucher, head to over to their Dream Tour site.


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House of Stoke: Stay Cutty Chas Christiansen Bar

House of Stoke is a new component company, started by Adam Eldridge of Stanridge Speed. While the components are made overseas, they’re based on popular shapes, like a mid-reach, shallow drop track crit or road bar at a drastically discounted pricepoint. The first product out is the Chas Christiansen signature bar, featuring illustrations and words to keep the stoke alive. Carbon fiber, with a 140mm drop and a 84mm reach. Priced competitively at $207. Check out more at House of Stoke.

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Spencer Harding’s Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route Photos Are Amazing!

Photos by Spencer J Harding

When I first saw Gabe’s photos from this ride, It looked like an amazing route and after seeing Spencer’s photos from the same-ish trip, I’m aching to get out onto this system. The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route is one of the latest series of maps from Adventure Cycling. It’s a challenging course with plenty of rewards, but at a cost…

See Spencer’s excellent documentation at his Flickr!

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Firefly Bicycles: SPLAT!

I’m so glad to see this. For a few reasons. One of which it’s my friend Ross’ seat post for his tourer, which is ramblin’ through Montana right now. Another is why wouldn’t you request anodization like this if you’re getting a Firefly?

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The Col Collective: Col de la Bonette

The Col de la Bonette is famous for being steep and windy, but it is also home to the abandoned Camp des Fourches, once home to a battalion of Alpine troops. Check out the latest from the Col Collective!

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Cycling Karelia

“Karelia was a convenient location for both friends to get to from their cities. Andrey and Alexander decided to start from there and then go wherever they would be able to — say, Vottovaara mountain, the highest spot of the west Karelia hills. It is said to be of a spiritual, somehow magical value, and different shamans or television people tend to come there a lot. They pray, dance, hug each other and seem to have a great time. But for the guys the definition of a great time is different — they were planning to get an unforgettable travelling experience and take a look at the wonderful Karelian nature in winter. And that was quite a challenge!”


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Yonder Journal’s Piute Pass Has Begun

The gang took to high Sierra in their latest excursion, which coincidentally still had snow at altitude. Snow and rain. Did I mention it’s still cold up in those parts? Day 01 seems like a cake walk compared to what they’ll experience later on in the trip, so head over to Yonder to read all about it, while their bikes are still in one piece…

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Velo Orange: The Piolet Frame Has Landed
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.41.43 AM

Velo Orange’s “all-road” tourer, the Piolet is now in stock. Designed to fit a large tire, in various wheel size platforms*, the Piolet can shred one-track, two-track and no-track. An affordable option for those wanting to take on bikepacking or excursion style riding. My favorite detail is the non-sus corrected segmented fork with all the braze-ons and the wishbone stays.

But the very best detail? The price. $685 for the frameset… See more information at Velo Orange!


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Giro Brings MIPS to the SYNTHE

Last year at the Tour, Giro unveiled the SYNTHE helmet. A lightweight, aerodynamic, well-ventilated helmet with a clean, minimal profile. This year, the SYNTHE got safer with MIPS, or multi-directional impact protection system. MIPS is the by-product of the science behind safety, which in my opinion is more important than any speed or aerodynamic efficiency testing you’ll read online. Another factor to consider is looks. There are colors to match your desired look, from black to fluorescent. The SNYTHE looks good, which will make you want to actually wear your helmet more.

See more on the SYNTHE with MIPS at Giro and check these out at your local dealer in the Fall.

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Mission Workshop: Loch House

Scotland seems other-worldly to me and Sam Needham’s photos in the newest Mission Workshop Field Test series capture that bleak, yet serene, almost alien landscape. Head over to Mission Worskhop to check out the full report.

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