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Tuesday Teardown: Vallenfyre – A Fragile King

If you buy one death metal album this year, you should highly consider Vallenfyre‘s A Fragile King. This album, from beginning to end is nothing but the best in breaks, wailing riffage and brutal, spine tingling vocals. I haven’t been such a fanboy about a death doom act since Hooded Menace! But what makes this music so moving? It’s the story behind it. Vocalist and guitarist Gregor Mackintosh’s father died from cancer and A Fragile King was born from the grief and torment. As you can imagine, A Fragile King is a journey through pain and despair. Gregor (how metal of a name is that?) almost intentionally makes his vocals clear to share with us his pain. This album packs a fucking serious punch. He walks us through this tormented landscape with a razor blade collar, yanking if we begin to fall behind.

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Tuesday Teardown: Devil – Time to Repent

“Time to Repent” from from Time to Repent

Last year when they put out their EP, Magister Mundi Xum , Devil became an instant hit. This NWOBHM band came out of nowhere with a refreshing and addicting sound. Everything about Devil embodied doom and heavy metal at its finest. You really can’t go wrong here. When the band released their new full-length, Time to Repent, my palms began to sweat. After many rotations, one thing is obvious: Time to Repent is void of any ostentation. There’s no futile attempts at creating anything epic or over-produced. What we have here is down to Earth (or under-Earth) doom metal.

Coming hot off “The Welcome (intro)” is “Break the Curse” and it’s a scorcher. Its tempo and the fact that the solo kicks in at the right moment jump starts the album with confidence. Next up is “Blood Is Boiling,” a catchy and melodic trip into doom! One familiar track is “Time to Repent”, the cover track. This was by far my favorite cut off Magister Mundi Xum and the re-recording sounds better than ever!

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Tuesday Teardown: Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination

“This Horrifying Force (the Desire To Kill)” off Forever Abomination

I’m really beginning to wonder when Chance Garnette begins to lose his luster because as of now, Skeletonwitch is three albums deep in a stomping circle pit of blackened thrash anthems. Like many, my introduction to Skeletonwitch was their 2007 release Beyond the Permafrost, which was trumped by Breathing the Fire in 2009 and now, Forever Abomination attempts to mark their catalog as the best release under their spiked belts.

And it’s doing just that. Forever Abomination is a no bullshit experience. 11 tracks and 32 minutes of blackened thrash that is only trumped by their live show and chants of “EAT SOME FUCKING PUSSY”. “This Horrifying Force (the Desire To Kill)” and “Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer” introduce Skeletonwitch’s almost comedic song titles. I say comedic because when you watch them live, you can tell these guys are all about a fun time. Behind the sneer is a beer.

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Tuesday Teardown: Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage

“Astral Blood” off Celestial Lineage

Ok, so it’s been a while but what a perfect album to bring about the return of Tuesday Teardown!

I’m a hypocrite. When Oregon-based Wolves In the Throne Room released Black Cascade, their homage to the Cascade Mountains of their home state, I sang praises for weeks about it. Then I started to really listen to the album and after putting it on heavy rotation, I lost interest. Why? I still don’t know. Maybe because there were much better black metal releases that year, or because I felt like they were getting too much praise for too little work. Years later, I’m back into Black Cascade but I’ve yet to warm up to their Two Hunters EP. Again, I’m not exactly sure why.

This year, the whole metal industry has been salivating for the release of Celestial Lineage, the new Wolves album. People wondered what they’d cook up for this release and me being the cynical fuck that I tend to be when it comes to overhyped music, already had an idea what it would be like. Was I right? Kind of. Wolves makes such an effort to break up their music with angelic singing and other sounds, focusing on the composition more so, at least in my opinion, than on their actual music. Celestial Lineage has, in many ways, lived up to my preconceived opinion.

“Thuja Magus Imperium” begins with windchimes and a harmony sung by a women, straight out of Lord of the Rings. This creates a contrast that in my opinion, muddles the album as it morphs from this introduction to Wolves’ signature tremelo picking and distortion. And it’s like a beast escaped from a cage. This is a whole new Wolves. The writing has improved immensely, the drums, guitars and basslines are fucking sharp and before you know it, it’s a jam fest. Now if only this momentum would continue.

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Tuesday Teardown: Byfrost – Of Death

“Of Death” off Of Death

Oh my fucking god. Ahhhhhhhh. Pardon my enthusiasm, let me turn this album off because I can’t even concentrate long enough to write this review. Byfrost‘s second full-length, Of Death kicks the fucking shit out of just about other thrash album of 2011. Remember back when you were a whipper snapper and you got your first intro to the Swedish tech death craze of the early 90’s? Think about At the Gates but blackened and with a much better production budget (and blast beats, oh god the blast beats!)

Rip open the top and chug down “May The Dead Rise”. This is what Immortal would sound like if they weren’t such huge fucking pussies. Gah! Chop their heads off. “Eye For An Eye” just hammers away for over 5 minutes. The blast beats arise out of the chasm and demons are let loose, ripping your soul to shreds as they dine on your finger tips. If you haven’t caught wind of how crisp and icy this album is by now, you’re an idiot. This shit is sharp. The band produced Of Death themselves with help from Enslaved’s producer, Herbrand Larsen. Usually high-production equals douchey show-boaters. Remember, I said this wasn’t Immortal. Byfrost is about as gnarly as you can get when it comes to blackened thrash. Their shit-kicking, FUCK YOU, attitude continues with “Buried Alive” where we’re bent over on madame guillotine herself and await execution.

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Tuesday Teardown: Judd Madden – Drown

Why it’s taken me this long to review the work of Judd Madden in a Tuesday Teardown post is beyond me. Drown is a part of a triptych of self-released albums from Melbourne-based musician Judd Madden. While it’s easy to call albums “ground breaking”, “monumental” and “epic”, Drown definitely hits all of those on the head with precision, especially when compared to the other albums in the series: Float and Waterfall. What makes this doom-ridden series so dynamic is that each of the albums are entirely different beasts. Drown makes up the most recent in the series of experimental albums and is by far my favorite. Featuring crushing riffs and menacing drums, Drown evokes a sensation that’s understood immediately.

In just 7 tracks, Judd brings the weight, totaling an hour of playing time. Doom metal ain’t that tough to nail down and yet, Judd Madden’s work is so effortless in achieving that classic sound that it really makes you wonder how smart he really is. “Path” and “Riptide” begin their reign of bass and riffage, raking in an impressive 14 minutes for the pair. Drown‘s sound is a familiar one. There’s obvious Sleep influence but it’s not as monotonous as Isis or Pelican can be. If I were to compare it’s sound to anything, it’d come in close with Flood. For a more experimental and softened tone, check out “Waterlung” with its ripping opening riff and cascading symbols. This classic sludge track echoes the days of Sabbath and Vitus.

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Tuesday Teardown: Ritual Music and Books (MEL_Metal)

Melbourne ain’t exactly the sunny, surfer bro city you’d expect it to be. Where there are foreboding skies, there will be metal. This week for Tuesday Teardown, I thought I’d give you a look at the premiere metal music and book shop in Melbourne, Ritual Music and Books.

So yesterday, a local reader named Dylan hit me up asking how I’d feel about featuring Ritual for Tuesday Teardown. Sure enough, I was stoked to see a grassroots record store and was eager to check out what people were digging here.

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Tuesday Teardown: Book of Black Earth – The Cold Testament

“Weight of the World” off The Cold Testament

I was beginning to wonder about Book of Black Earth. Especially with frontman TJ Cowgill’s new found love for Satanic Folk and Actual Pain’s success as a clothing label. But we all know that metal is eternal and the newest album from Book of Black Earth, The Cold Testament is living proof. The band is back with its fast-paced and brutal approach to metal. It’s not exactly black, death or power metal and yet it speaks clearly to fans across all genres.

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Tuesday Teardown: Bongripper – Sex Tape/Snuff Film 7″

“Sex Tape” off Sex Tape/Snuff Film 7″

It’s Tuesday Teardown and this one will make you break your chain in a furious sprint!

All hail the mighty motherfucking BONGRIPPER. The Chicago four-piece has been wrecking speakers and houses for so long that any other band with BONG in their name must drink their bong water. When this band releases an album, much less a 7″, marijuana plants worldwide bud up and release a pheromone that entices pot smokers and riff-heads to spark one up!

Sex Tape/Snuff Film picks up right where the god dammed juggernaut Satan Worshipping Doom left off last year. Expect the gravity defying riffs to crunch your speakers and Beelzebub himself to grace your opium den with pentagrams and naked whores. Put on “Sex Tape” and daze the fuck out. As the first riffs drop, the sky rumbles and walls collapse as the heaviness sets in, obliterating everything in its path. BOOM!

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