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Merckx Mondays

Mr. Fyxomatosis and his #MolteniBaby jerseys sold extremely well. You can’t get any more “Merckx” than Molteni orange and I found this photo quite appropriate for Merckx Mondays.

I wonder if Eddy knew what he’d inevitably end up doing for that sausage company when he signed on board?

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Merckx Mondays
Merckx Mondays_01

Everyone knows that the brand Eddy Merckx isn’t what it used to be. After Eddy sold the company, it kind of went in a different direction. Ok, it totally went in a different direction. Not that the classic Merckx frames suffer from this modern association but there’s something to be said about pedigree and integrity.

One thing’s for sure, Eddy has pedigree and in his old age, he’s maintaining his integrity. Now the brand? That’s up to you to discuss. Take these three photos for instance, sent in by Klaus from Cycling Inquisition. He was in Belgium recently and met Eddy while at the factory.

I love the shot of “Eddy’s Bike”. Too good Klaus!

Oh and I’d still rather see him on a Molteni…

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Merckx Mondays

Sun Graphics does a hell of a lot of resprays, oops, pardon me, I meant “restorations”… Shit. Let me start over. In Australia, if you need a place to get a classic Eddy Merckx restored to (or above and beyond) its original condition, the place to go is Sun Graphics.

Andy at FYXO works exclusively with Sun and Shifter to deliver pristine complete future Eddy Merckx classics. Above is one of my favorite Merckx liveries, team Stuttgart. This one’s heading off to Sun for a little TLC and below is a classic Eddy Merckx famed for polished Campagnolo.

I can’t wait to see how both of these turn out. Maybe they’ll be a future Merckx Mondays?

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Paul’s MX-Leader Eddy Merckx Road
Beautiful Bicycle: Paul's MX-Leader Eddy Merckx Road

When I posted a few photos of this bike, a bunch of people emailed me, asking about its history. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what the history is, other than it’s a Sun Graphics respray in the less common Telekom livery. That and it’s got a great built kit. See that stem? Instant classic. I’ve seen a lot of Merckx bikes in Melbourne, but Paul’s is one of my favorites.

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Merckx Mondays

“Le Petite Cannibal”

I have a ton of Merckx Mondays content coming from Australia over these next few weeks but today I’ve got one piece of radness to share. This year, all my friends seem to be having kids and it’s no secret that FYXO‘s a daddy now. Hence the mini Molteni Baby Skinsuit.

$40 and guaranteed to make your offspring faster. Or something. Made to order, bespoke baby wear and ends this week, so get on it. This is one example when it’s acceptable to buy upgrades…

Scoop at FYXO

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Merckx Mondays

It’s Merckx Mondays (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) and I’m back in the land of Eddy Merckx. Not Belgium, Melbourne. As far as I’m concerned, classic Eddy Merckx bicycles in Australia is pronounced “F Y X O”. Andy’s supplied the world with great photos of classic steel bicycles over the years and his new 7-FYXO kits are looking great. Pick up the 7-FYXO Jersey here and the FYXO classic bibs here.

Don’t miss the full FYXO photoset here.

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Merckx Mondays

Hey, it’s been a while and when I come across something like this, I have to share it. Richard Pool designs and prints these portrait infographics of famous cyclists and the Eddy Merckx designs are so good.

See more Merckx Mondays below!


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Merckx Mondays

Even though I have two awesome road bikes, part of me still misses riding my MX-Leader. Sure, they aren’t the lightest of bikes but they ride like none other. Even after parting with mine, I based both of my custom road bikes on its geometry. But this one’s got a history behind it. I rode this bike while I was in Australia last year and loved it. So when I saw Andy was parting with it, I got all pensive and contemplated buying it for a second.

This is one beautiful example of a non-team issue paint job on a stunning MX-Leader and FYXO is selling it now. If you ride a 58cm and have been looking for one, look no further. Check out his eBay auction here.

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Merckx Mondays

I came across this late Monday night last week and figured I’d just hold onto it for a week. Perhaps you remember that Merckx illustration for Rouleur Magazine #14? Well, British artist Richard Mitchelson translated his original artwork into a vinyl, 6″ figurine. You can pre-order this pocket-sized cannibal for £35.00 exclusively at Rouleur.

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Merckx Mondays

Photos by Andy White

I can’t even begin to think where Merckx Mondays would be without the assistance from Andy White from Fyxomatosis. The man probably buys a new Merckx frame every other week and when he builds it up, it’s pristine. Dura Ace was the kit of choice back in this era. Oh and having a model in a 7 Eleven kit is a lot nicer than propping the bike up with a stick!

Check out more below.


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