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Merckx Mondays

I came across this late Monday night last week and figured I’d just hold onto it for a week. Perhaps you remember that Merckx illustration for Rouleur Magazine #14? Well, British artist Richard Mitchelson translated his original artwork into a vinyl, 6″ figurine. You can pre-order this pocket-sized cannibal for £35.00 exclusively at Rouleur.

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Merckx Mondays

Photos by Andy White

I can’t even begin to think where Merckx Mondays would be without the assistance from Andy White from Fyxomatosis. The man probably buys a new Merckx frame every other week and when he builds it up, it’s pristine. Dura Ace was the kit of choice back in this era. Oh and having a model in a 7 Eleven kit is a lot nicer than propping the bike up with a stick!

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Merckx Mondays

I just got back from Portland after a long day of traveling, to come home to a wonderful Merckx Mondays post from Fyxomatosis. Head over and check out more of this custom, one-of-a-kind Eddy Merckx MX-Leader restoration!

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Merckx Mondays

It’s been a busy busy day over here but I thought I’d take a break and post this great Merckx Mondays photo from Tracko.

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Merckx Mondays
Merckx 525

This week, I’m bringing to you one of the best Eddy Merckx books I’ve ever had my hands on. Merckx 525 is a wonderfully compiled, hardback collection showcasing the Cannibal’s 525 career victories, from his first junior championships to his retirement in 1978. There are so many photos I’ve never seen before inside its cover that I could have just scanned them in and had Merckx Mondays content for well over a year.

Gage + DeSoto have this book in stock now and are offering free shipping to US PiNP readers by using the code PINP525 at checkout. Pick one up here! I shot some more photos of Merckx 525. Check them out as well.

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Merckx Mondays

See larger here

David Lundqvist got ahold of a beautiful Stuttgart pista frameset and built it with all Campagnolo C-Record Pista. I am drooling right now. And no, that’s not my old frame. This one’s in much better condition. It’s been a while since a Merckx Mondays, but I thought this deserved one!

There’s one more gem below.


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Merckx Mondays

As we were riding over to Eppy’s house, everyone kept telling me about his Merckx collection and a mural that Woof painted in his bike room. I had no idea what to expect, so imagine my surprise when I saw this Molteni painting staring me down as I entered this room. The joke of the afternoon was “there’s like 4 weeks worth of Merckx Mondays in there”…

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