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Mission Workshop Q+A with Paul Components

This Friday, in San Francisco, Mission Workshop is hosting a Q+A with Paul Price from Paul Component Engineering from 6-9pm. Make sure you swing through for this event if you’re in the area, Paul is a fascinating human.

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Bruce Gordon Retirement Sale

If you’ve ever wanted a Bruce Gordon frame or complete bike, now’s your chance!

“Starting August 19, Bruce Gordon Cycles will be selling off 47 years of cycling history. All bikes, components, racks, frames, wheels, fixtures, and tools will be heavily discounted. The only stuff not being sold at this time is Bruce’s personal collection of bicycles.

New Rock n’ Road tires and new stainless toeclips will be sold at the regular price, but everything else must go. This is a great opportunity to stock up on vintage cycling equipment and help one of the living legends of framebuilding retire. All sales will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY, in person at Bruce Gordon Cycles, on a first-come, first-served basis. Make your appointment today by calling the shop: (707) 762-5601 or Bruce’s cellphone: (707) 762-4107.”

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Tourist de France – Sean Talkington

Tourist de France
Words by Sean Talkington, Photos by Sean Talkington and Kyle Kelley

Roughly 8 or maybe even 9 years ago (it’s a bit fuzzy after all these years) I started working at a bicycle shop in LA called Orange 20. The shop manager at the time Mr. Kyle Kelley aka Trackosaurus Rex hired me to work in the new larger space they had just rented. Soon after that, Ace Carreterro aka The Sleepers came on board. Ace and I were both sales associates who ended up working pretty much the same weekly schedule with Kyle. I had very little in common with the two of them. (more…)

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A Weekend and Then Some at the Downieville Classic

11am. We had to be in Downieville by 11am for a special ride. A VIP ride if you will. Paul Components bought a morning shuttle to do the classic Downieville Downhill shuttle. There were 12 spots and Kyle and I had to boogie ASAP from Northstar. Luckily, long nights and early mornings were the norm on this trip, so we loaded up the ‘Cruiser and headed to Downieville. (more…)

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Saddle Drive Is Still the Best!

Saddle Drive Is Still the Best!
Words by John Watson, photos by John Watson and Jarrod Bunk

Saddle Drive! It’s part party, part bike demo and part tradeshow, in that order. Or at least that’s how we’ve covered it in years past. This year, however, QBP did things a bit different, opting to put many, if not most of the bicycles and products they “launched” under strict embargo. The bad news is, you won’t see any bike portraits in this gallery, but the good news is, you’ll see my two favorite bikes in the future, once the embargo is lifted. (more…)

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Finding Friends on the Isle of Arran at Grinduro Scotland – Kyle Kelley

Finding Friends on the Isle of Arran at Grinduro Scotland – Kyle Kelley
Words and photos by Kyle Kelley

You can read race reports all over the internet about Grinduro Scotland and that’s exactly why I’m not going to give you that here. It was Scotland, so of course, it rained! It was on the Isle of Arran, so of course, it was beautiful! It rained, so of course, it was muddy! And did I mention… it was Scotland, so of course, we drank whisky! (more…)

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the 2017 All City Championship

The All City Championship returns for its twelfth year and one of their sponsors, All-City Cycles – no relation to the ACC – is throwing in an extra incentive:

“To further our goals of helping to make the cycle community as inclusive and welcoming as possible, for our sponsorship this year, we have agreed to pay the entry fee for all women / trans / femme riders. So if you’re thinking you’d like to join in, please do, the good times are on us.”

Head to Bike Jerks for more information.

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