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Jerry Bowles: Tour Bears Desktop Wallpaper

Words by Morgan Taylor. Illustration by Jerry Bowles.

Last year, when John linked to Jerry Bowles’ Tumblr, I was taken by the Tour Bears series and began using one of his images as my phone background. The other day, I found myself flipping back through Jerry’s work, and sent him a message letting him know how much I liked his stuff – and he offered up a high-res desktop wallpaper to pass on to our readers here.

To download the high-res JPG, right click and save link as – Jerry Bowles – Tour Bears Desktop. As with the Radavist Calendar series, this image is for personal use only!

These days, Jerry’s more active on Instagram than Tumblr. Head on over and give him a follow!

Dec 16, 2015 4 comments
Nickalas Blades: Jaune – Greg LeMond’s First, the Cinelli

Greg LeMond’s first bike was a Cinelli…

“It all started in February of 1976 when Bob LeMond, Greg’s father, purchased the beautiful, yellow 1974 Cinelli. Interestingly, the bike came into the hands of Greg by way of Mike Synyard, CEO and founder of Specialized Bicycles (at the time he was the distributor for Cinelli in Northern California) and the owner of Rick’s Bike Shop in Reno, Rick Bullis. From there, Greg raced on it for the 1976-1977 seasons and won 40 amateur races. This was the start to a career in professional cycling that would span nearly two decades and included two World Championship titles, three monumental Tour de France victories (the first American to do so), and helped revolutionize cycling as we know it today. It’s only fitting that his first racing bike was yellow… ”

Read more on this incredible piece of art at Nickalas’ site and don’t forget to see more details while you’re over there.

Nov 11, 2015 8 comments
100 Copies: Bikemoji

Yes. You read that right: “Bikemoji.”

100 Copies took some of our favorite emojis and made them out of common bike parts. A series of 4 designs, Bikemoji is available individually as well as a set of four. Both are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies and is stamped / labeled with a unique edition number.

Check out more at 100 Copies and see all four designs below. (more…)

Oct 5, 2015 1 comment