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44RN 144#47 Raidô Contest

In Elder Futhark, an Old Norwegian language, Raidô means ride or journey. This symbol, like all Nordic Runes may be inverted, rotated or Merkstave. Creating a Merkstave usually implies a negative meaning, not necessarily the opposite. The negative of ride or journey means struggle and we can all identify with that. These ups and downs are part of cycling.

44RN and PiNP are throwing a contest to give-away a limited edition 144#47 ring. I received three purple anodized track rings from Aaron and the winner of the contest will get their lucky hands on one.

The rules are simple:

-“Like” Prolly is Not Probably on Facebook.
-Upload a photo to Facebook that best represents the highs and lows of riding and tag it with Prolly is Not Probably.
-Make sure you have RAIDO in the photo’s description.
-You may also use Instagram and the hashtag #RAIDO but make sure we’re contacts so I can see it.
-Contest ends February 15th!

Aaron and I will judge these photos, giving the winner one of these sweet rings.

Check out the 144#47 purple ring below!


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Empire x COG and PiNP: Photo Post Card Contest

Crihs and Luke from Empire wanted to do a contest with COG Magazine and myself to start the year off right. Rather than taking the easy route, as per the norm these days, the guys got creative and set up a pretty rad contest. The rules are above, so read them carefully and please, take your time with this one. It’s gonna be rad!

Check back after the deadline for an update!

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EighthInch: Photo Contest

EighthInch is having a photo contest on their Facebook page:

“Grab your camera, it’s time for an EighthInch photo contest. Submit a picture of your EighthInch bike to [email protected]. All of the photos will be posted in an album on our Facebook page. The person who’s photo gets the most “likes” by 12/21 will win an EighthInch wheelset of their choice. Be sure to tell all your friends to vote!
The photo can be of just your bike or you on your bike. As long as your bike is in the picture somewhere we will post it in the album. The bike must have at least an EighthInch frame.”

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48×15 Volume 002

The second issue of 48×15 is out and inside its pages is a contest to win a pair of H+Son TB14s. Here’s how to enter:

“We spent the last month trying to find the best way to tell you guys that we think you’re really great for reading our magazine. We didn’t want to come on too strong with ‘we love you’, and we didn’t want it to get weird by suggesting that you meet our parents. I think we settles at a happy place in the middle – giving away super awesome H+SON rims! There are only a few quick steps to get yourself entered to win:

1. Read Volume 002 of 48×15 Magazine (look at that, you’re already done step 1!)

2. Take a picture of yourself while you’re getting your read on. It can be the physical magazine, on our website, at×15, on your computer, on your phone, your grandma reading it to you while you fall asleep . . doesn’t matter!

3. Post your photo on our Facebook page at×15

4. The photo with the most likes gets the rims!

We’ll ship these anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Tahiti or Timbuktu. See you on Facebook!”

Sweet. I love mine! Best of luck to the entrants.

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