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Tuesday Teardown: White Orange Giveaway

Psychedelic, cult rock, mixed in with Pacific Northwest vernacular influences is how’d describe White Orange‘s sound. But since they’re such stoners, they rant on about how White Orange embodies a “synesthesia of sound and movement, an ideological translucent experience, jammy epic psychedelic trance rock”. If you grew up listening to desert rocksters Kyuss, or had your skateboarding sessions fueled by Dinosaur Jr, these guys are for you. Hell, my dad’s love for King Crimson trickled over into my childhood music taste. All of these bands, mixed in with some Alex Grey-inspired cult album art make White Orange one unique band. And you can win some of their music, including a 2x LP.

Tuesday Teardown is back and I figured I’d start it off with something a lil different.

Check out more below.


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Show Me Yours

First up, there’s this event, as a precursor to NAHBS. If you’re in Portland this Friday, be there!

Then, Rapha‘s showing some love to handmade bicycles. They’ll be showcasing photos that use the #ShowMeYourBike hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Simply Tweet at @Rapha_N_America and your bike might be featured on Friday, February 23rd. That means the deadline is Thursday!

No prizes, although Jeremy mentioned something about a hand job… Check out more details here. I’ve already submitted my rides (including my Rosko BMX), so why not send yours through?

Also, that Sachs is fucking nice.

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Raidô Doesn’t End Here

Photo by Martin Gilluck

The Raidô contest ended earlier this week and while I sort through the submissions to find a winner, I’ll post one of my favorites. While I never intended for Raidô to be anything serious, I can’t let photos like this go without a note. Martin shared his story with me:

“Self-Portrait after a hilly 5 hour road ride near Jetřichovice , Czech Republic. I recall this being a very humid day. The nice thing about this ride was the constant cross-border riding on either German or Czech territory.”

Some people took a fall, others filled a bidon in a waterfall.

Until we determine a winner, take a look at some of the Instagram submissions here. Or simply search for the #RAIDO hashtag yourself.

Raidô on Instagram
Raidô Updates
44RN 144#47 Raidô Contest

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Raidô Updates

So far there’s been a handful of Raidô entrants. This one from Gunnar Dancer is spot-on. Honestly, I was expecting a lot more to come through by now. Remember, it doesn’t have to be super serious. And even though the prize is a track chainring, it’s not limited to just track bikes. You can post MTB, BMX, track, road or cross photos. Anything from a worn out sneaker bottom, to a flat tire, to a messy bike.

Pull out your iPhone, digital, 35mm or whatever camera and document your ride. You can even use older photos. Instagram is by far the easiest way to share. Simply add a #RAIDO hastag or follow the rules for Facebook. You can even email me your entries.

Raidô is about the ride and the journey and that is left open to interpretation.

We’re also including the option to take a silver 44RN ring, in lieu of the purple.

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