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Royal H Cycles: The Road to Technology and the Prova Ti / C Road

Photos by Eric Baumann

It’s always fascinating to hear people’s perception of framebuilders and its alignment is usually something like: bearded dude, welding steel together in a garage. While that might be somewhat true, for brands like Royal H Cycles, embracing technology is one of the challenges of maintaining a successful company. Consumers like titanium and carbon, two materials that are easily joined together… With the right experience. Seven, Firefly and other Boston-area builders have mastered this art, making it possible for others to ride the road to technology.

Head over to Royal H Cycles’ blog to read about the Prova, a ti and carbon road bike.

Nov 9, 2016 2 comments
Anna’s Peacock Groove: People’s Choice Philly Bike Expo 2016 – Jarrod Bunk

Anna’s Peacock Groove: People’s Choice Philly Bike Expo 2016
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

There’s something extra special about this bicycle. I guess you could say it’s the deep custom approach that Eric from Peacock Groove takes. Apparently others felt the same, as this bike wasn’t on the official list for People’s Choice for the Philly Bike Expo, but managed to get enough write in votes to take home The People’s Choice award. Anna had been wanting a Peacock Groove for quite some time,this bike was in planning long before the legend was lost. From the logo braze ons, S & S couplers, one off Paul Klampers, right down the the Peacock Groove Headset, everything has been given an extra touch. Eric even polished up a Paul Comp QR! You might notice the lack of cables on the brakes, this bike has already been assembled and ridden a few months ago, Eric had been battling Pneumonia and got this bike painted and together in just two days for the show.

In addition to all of the custom made braze ons, and one off parts the bike is built to a set of HED rims laced to Chris King hubs, with some memorable lyrics, and even a custom Trash Space Junk bag. It was fantastic listening to Anna talk about how excited she was on this bike, stoke is real. Congrats Eric, and enjoy your (now painted) bike Anna!


Follow Jarrod on Instagram, Peacock Groove on Instagram and Anna on Instagram.

Nov 7, 2016 54 comments
I Got the Blues: a Bombus Bikes Blue Steel Tourer – Kyle Kelley

I Got the Blues: a Bombus Bikes Blue Steel Tourer
Photos by Kyle Kelley words by John Watson

A simple search online for Bombus Bikes won’t turn up a whole lot of information. A video here, a random photo there, and a Yelp page with not a lot of information. Yet if you talk to people of Seattle, they know good and well about this small time framebuilding shop. Well, some of they do anyway. Throughout the year, we get lots of touring bikes coming through Los Angeles, specifically through the doors at GSC. Sometimes I’m around the document them and sometimes I’m not, leaving it up to Kyle to do so. (more…)

Nov 3, 2016 61 comments
My 44 Bikes Marauder Hardtail is Steady Shreddin on Ibis 941 Wheels

Since this bike first showed up at my door here in Los Angeles, I’ve really enjoyed riding it. While the kit that Kris from 44 Bikes delivered for the review interim was more than acceptable, it felt good putting both my old parts on it and new wheels, which made a world of difference. Wheels are like that though. You think everything is peachy-keen one day and the next you’re rolling on new wheels, having your mind blown. Call me naive but I didn’t think a wide rim like the Ibis 941 would make that big of a difference on a hardtail. Truthfully, it didn’t feel like it until I seat the WTB Trail Boss 2.4″ tire on the 41mm outer, 35mm inner width rims.

To say it was like a whole new bike might be over-doing it, or perhaps it captures my enthrallment or excitement. Either way, I do not want to take them, or these tires off my 44 Bikes Marauder anytime soon. (more…)

Nov 2, 2016 34 comments
Sklar Bikes: Rigid 29+ MTB

Adam Sklar builds some darn pretty bikes and his latest is no exception. This rigid 29+ mountain bike features a segmented fork, clearance for a massive tire, swoopy stays and a dropper post for when things get even rowdier. While Adam didn’t take many detail shots of this bike, I couldn’t let it slip past the Radar…

Nov 1, 2016 7 comments
Firefly Bicycles: Faded Black

Just in time for Halloween! From the looks of the teaser images on the Firefly Tumblr, this black-painted titanium lugged frame with carbon tubes is going to be slick. Check out more at their Tumblr!

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Simon Lee’s Stanridge Speed 77 Track Bike – Kyle Kelley

Simon Lee’s Stanridge Speed 77 Track Bike
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

In 2015 while Simon was recovering from open heart surgery, he decided to piece together his dream track bike, a track bike that would pay homage to his family’s past and the land from which they came. This bike would function as a tool for Simon’s recovery, even though he wouldn’t be able to ride the bike for sometime, the process of putting together the perfect bike kept Simon busy for months.

The fully custom Stanridge Speed is enough to get heads turning, but then you’re taken straight to school while examining the rest of the bike. The first ever two tone Standridge Speed head badge would set the tone and the 77 painted on the down tube would honor Simon’s late Grandad who was an engineer in the Royal Air Force’s 77th Squadron. From there Simon would reach out to his friend Otto Carter, an engraver from Texas to engrave a set of Sugino 75s that would embody everything Simon Lee: his family initials, hometown soccer team, his now repaired heart, even his prescription medicine fit on to those two crank arms. (more…)

Oct 28, 2016 18 comments
Rick Hunter’s Trusty Rusty Singlespeed Cruiser

Bumping into Rick Hunter in Santa Cruz, you never know what you’re going to get. In terms of his bike anyway. You’ll always get a smile, a handshake, an offer of a beer or a piece of fruit. Rick’s full of surprises and sometimes, that means he’s riding a beast you’ve never seen before. One made from steel, in his shop, where he painstakingly hand mitered the tubes and milled out random bits of hardware. This rusty singlespeed cruiser has been around the block over the years, first being handed off to Cameron Falconer and eventually it rolled back into Rick’s possession where he recently just rebuilt new wheels for it.

It looks like a hunk of metal from afar, but upon further inspection you can really see the thoughtfulness that went into its design. My first thoughts were how even though this was one of Rick’s early bikes, it still looks strikingly similar to the Bushmaster we saw last year around this time. Ok, maybe it’s not that similar, but the lines of these two bikes are undeniably a Hunter Cycles creation.

Thanks for the nectarine and chats Rick! See ya again soon.

Edit: the gallery is fixed. Sorry about that!

Oct 26, 2016 13 comments
Campbell’s Rock Lobster Cross Bike

At the Rock Lobster Cup Strikes Back, there were so many flashy Rock Lobster ‘cross bikes rolling around the bumpy course but I wanted to shoot one in particular as an homage to everything Paul is doing with the team. Campbell Steers took a very impressive win home on Saturday, beating the highly competitive women’s field on her trusty Rock Lobster. In a world where disc brakes and 1x drivetrains dominate the field, Campbell’s on a v-brake bike with a 2x Ultegra drivetrain with Easton wheels and Dugast 33 tubulars.

It’s not the kit that makes this bike so interesting to me. Sure, the WTB test saddle is a nice touch, but this bike has some history. Campbell bought it from a Santa Cruz local. A woman who raced a bit, but ended up selling the frame after a few years. At that point, Campbell was just getting into racing, so she jumped on the deal. The fact that it was a Rock Lobster had to have been some strange premonition of the cycling gods. After a few impressive wins, Paul Sadoff asked Campbell to join the crustacean crushers, aka the Rock Lobster CX Team.

Every time Campbell asks Paul to build her a new frame, he scoffs and says “That one’s fine! Just keep racing…” As for Campbell, check out her artwork at Buda Burrito!

Oct 24, 2016 9 comments
Golden Saddle Rides: Cinelli Mash After-Work Basket Bike

Is it still a work bike, if you don’t spend your work days riding it around delivering packages? What about riding to the bar? Or errands? Or even hitting some singletrack after work and finishing off a beer. Even a 32oz. The latest Golden Saddle Rides is a Mash Cinelli Work frame that has been powder coated clear red and built with around-town functionality in mind. Here in Los Angeles, even around town means you can ride some dirt on the way. Wide Answer bars, and Continental TravelContact tires should have given that away. While these framesets come with cantilever bosses, this build is set up brakeless with a fixed drivetrain. The front bosses were utlized however, to mount a Nitto rack, which holds a Wald basket and one of those nifty Monkey Wrench Cycles bags.

The Arundel Looney Bins are great and make for interesting prop placement in this photoshoot…


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

Oct 20, 2016 43 comments