Bloody Disc Brakes! Feb 12, 2018

In a freak accident, total bad ass of a cyclocross star Katie Compton was mangled at the start of Saturday’s race – the Ijsboerke Ladies Trophy – in Lille, Belgium by a fellow racer’s disc brake rotor during a crash. This kind of event is exactly what the UCI will use to solidify their disc brake safety laws. You can see the graphic photo at Mr. Katie Compton’s Twitter. On a more positive note, it appears the laceration was clean enough to make dressing the wound easy. Personally, I think it’s one hell of a story and accompanying battle wound.

Congrats on your killer season, Katie. Heal up quick!!

  • Thelaughingman

    Just one thing, Lille is in France not in Belgium .

  • meaty_urologist

    death after discs.

  • shafty

    It’s a pity that luddites will use this to cement their adherence to a traditionalist fallacy. In all seriousness, it’s no matter what the nannying UCI decides is safe or not, the rest of us can ride whatever we want.

  • bloibl

    i hardly think mangled was really the word to use there.

    • And I doubt the chainring looked like that, all strewn with blood either. It’s meant to be slightly satirical / fear mongering of disc brakes, not to be taken seriously. Hence the “killer season” link at the end too!

  • Brian Sims

    Chainrings are like chainsaws! Ban them too!

  • Pieterp

    Lille, Belgium ;-)

    • ososxe

      It is close to Belgium, but it is still France ;-)

      • Pieterp

        Trust me the race was held in Lille, Belgium not in France. Hometown of reigning World Champions Sanne Cant and Wout van Aert.

        • ososxe

          I stand corrected, my apologies! In my defense, I should say that i’ve only been living in Belgium almost 4 years, but on the Pajottenland area, and my knowledge of smaller town’s geography is rather limited

        • Medium Rick

          Hah. I’ve been to Lille France a couple of times. I never realized there was also a Lille in Belgium, and I’ve been very close to it in Antwerp. You learn something everyday. Thanks.

        • See! I had it as Belgium and someone corrected me to France!

  • nick

    Lol that’s gonna require at least two Band-Aids her career may be over….

  • GNARdina

    Was she struck by a rounded rotor, or did this rotor still have a sharp edge?

  • Peter Hedman

    Remember the wisdom of Eddy…

  • Brad

    I think UCI just need to get onboard with Discs, they aren’t going anywhere.

    It would be like saying hand drills are safer on construction sites so we aren’t letting people use power tools.

  • Can’t cut with a round edge knife, take the 5 min to de-burr your discs & it won’t be problem.

    • …but a dull hatchet splits wood. ;-)

      • True!!
        It just seems like an easy fix either by the manufacturer and or the promoter/tech inspection.
        Stop the bleeding.

        • I got it. RUBBER disc brakes, GLASS brake pads. Problem solved. Let’s see it happen! Stop the bleeding! ;-)

  • alexroseinnes

    Ban centre lock discs!

  • abelincoln

    Careful scrolling down on that twitter thread. There’s a really nasty one…

  • Scott Sattler

    Bladed spokes. Un-shrouded chain rings. Tubeless tires with excessive sealant. Ban them all.