The Radavist Howdy Cacti 3-Pack Sep 6, 2017

We’re pretty stoked on our latest collaboration with Seattle-based artist Kyler Martz, so we wanted to make the best of it, offering up a limited edition 3-pack of socks with Defeet. To ensure everyone can get a chance to pick up a set, we’re offering them as a Defeet Projects set, meaning it’s a pre-order that will run for 24 more days. Head over to Defeet to place your order today!

  • Ryan McKee

    OK, these are awesome

  • Mehdi Farsi

    Nice job on these. I’ll have to grab a pack. Perfect for the AZ desert

  • AdamBike99

    To be clear, this is for 3 individual socks. Not 3 pairs of socks?

    • Correct. 3 socks. 1.5 pairs. Nearly unlimited combinations possible.

      • AdamBike99

        That is good funny stuff, Morgan! 8-)

    • Yeah, three individual socks.

  • Tyler Johnson