swrve CORDURA® combat wool™ CAPSULE collection Sep 5, 2017

This whole collection looks incredible! See more at SWRVE’s Kickstarter and be sure to back this killer deal.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Love their stuff, wish it was in more retail locations to try one before purchase. Only place locally listed doesn’t sell anymore.

    • They take returns and exchanges. I live in LA and it’s still easier to mail something back if it doesn’t fit. :-)

      • Ultra_Orange

        I’m just so stuck in my ways and fit has always been an issue with clothing, especially cycling gear. For instance the Giro clothing they made for a bit, lots fit really well and then the exact same size in a different style of pants didn’t even clear my calfs. Besides this internet thing is just a fad.

  • I wear OG-507 and 107 shirts all the time. Clearly what these are modelled on. Excellent, hardwearing fabric, well made. I know these are made from completely different material, and totally understand That cordura combat wool is a pretty awesome technical fabric, but talk about sticker shock. So on one hand I think these are cool as hell. On the other, even if I was a millionaire I wouldn’t pay $150 for one shirt. Not even a tuxedo dress. To each their own, 🤙🏽 And not saying they aren’t worth it to those willing to pay, I’m just not willing.

    • A blazer isn’t a shirt. It’s a jacket. The shirts are $87.

      • According to the info on the Kickstarter the long sleeve msrp is $150. Lowest price reward still available is $105. I always wear longsleeves and just roll them, so while I may be able to get one or two now at a discounted price, down the road, it’s $150. Not saying it isn’t worth that price, I’m only saying I would never pay that.