Is A Speedvagen Track Bike Ready Made in the Works? Sep 11, 2017

Photo by Bob Huff

It seems like the Vanilla Workshop might bring back the Speedvagen Track bikes in their Ready Made program. I know the track bike’s heyday might be waning but surely people would race these at events like the Red Hook Crit or their local velodrome. See more at Vanilla and if you’re interested in a Ready Made track frame, email them with the subject line “track machine.”

  • Jarrah May

    I didn’t get the memo about the waning heyday of the track bike

    • I guess it depends on where you live, but most cities in the US have seen a considerable decline in people riding them – a lot of riders now ride road / cross bikes around.

  • bicyclecrumbs

    Hey this photo set was shot by Bob Huff!