Bike Jerks: Jim Merz’s 1964 Portland to Denver Tour in Photos Sep 10, 2017

Jim Merz is a man of many tales. In his time as a cyclist, a frame builder and frame designer, Jim’s been around more than just the block. Over at Bike Jerks, he shared a photo gallery from his 1964 tour from Portland to Denver, which I highly recommend checking out. Head over to Bike Jerks for the full scoop!

  • Zac

    Bike touring has aaaaaalways been cool. My girlfriend (who got me into touring) and I had an argument (discussion) the other day about whether or not touring bikes / bicycle touring have always been ‘cool’ or if it’s only a recent development. She started touring the super low budget way, strapping bags to a three speed townie and riding from Portland to LA with some camping gear. Now she rides an LHT and is mostly over touring. She thinks that bike touring is only cool now because it’s been co-opted by the younger crowd. I started with her as my guide and had the luck of getting into this stuff only three-ish years ago when everyone in the world seemed to agree simultaneously that touring / touring bikes were awesome. This is like finding evidence of UFO’s. Can’t wait to show her.

    • Oh man. Touring has ALWAYS been cool. Show her this:

      Besides, who cares if something is “cool” – that’s a lame reason not to do it anymore. Shouldn’t we be doing things because we love doing them? And if we don’t, just say “I don’t like doing it anymore…” ;-)

      • Zac

        Holy crap! I didn’t realize Greg Siple had been doing that series for so long! Thanks!