Wrong Bike, Right Lines Aug 9, 2017

I hope you went back and picked up that RedBull can! ;-)

  • Addison can flip? Addison, you got a BMX bike? If so, forget the mountain bikes, lets ride BMX.

    • Mehdi Farsi

      he started BMX , idk if he still has a frame, but can definitely still ride. I know him and hern were flipping their track bikes at the park when Addison lived in Santa Monica for awhile.

      • Wait, you’re telling me Hern can still do a flip!?! Can anyone confirm this?

        • Mehdi Farsi

          hahah I think so!

        • Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro

          Never flipped a Track bike but I can flip my BMX bike! I showed Addison that spot and he had a light bulb moment.

    • Mehdi Farsi

      @disqus_AHlSe4J4jg:disqus i found the video from when he landed it in Austria. https://www.facebook.com/AddisonZawadaRidesFixed/videos/1005819562841854/?fref=nf

  • Mehdi Farsi

    Thanks for the post John! You know we <3 the trails and always pick up & show up for maintenance day :)

  • catnipjunkie