We’re Heading Out on a Bicycle Camping Trip Aug 31, 2017

… and we’ll be back on Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend!

  • Don Gouda

    continuing to live the fuckin dream…

    • I haven’t been bicycle camping all summer. Figured I’d better squeeze a trip in before it’s over. :-)

      • Quinn.e

        Squeeze away, enjoy!

  • Alex Hillis

    Gonna be a hot weekend in the bay area! Especially around Mt. Diablo.

  • Oh shit, Saturday high temp for the closest weather station to Coe is 107; further inland will be even hotter. Stay safe out there!

    • We’re gonna be on the coast. Thanks! ✌🏻

  • James Jay

    Can’t wait till it cools down around these parts so I can get out there.

    too frekin hot here.