Seven’s Matador Fork Aug 22, 2017

Using their Max 45 fork as inspiration, the Matador is next stage in the evolution of an all-road fork. The Matador uses a 12mm thru-axle and maintains clearance for 45mm tires. Where the Matador differs from the Max 45 is the flat mount brake and a longer rake of 55mm. It also has hidden fender mounts. See more at Seven.

  • Gregory Ralich

    The 5E mid-reach fork on the Seven Red Sky PRO is super interesting too.

    With the big pushes towards TA and disc brakes – the options for things like QR, canti/v-brake, rack mounts and mid-reach road brakes get really slim, really quickly. It’s weirdly limiting – especially if you’re not buying a new frame or maybe just trying to get a few more years out of something older. I’ve been consistently riding Wound Ups for some of these reasons.

    Seems like a lot of times if you want some of the options I listed.. it’s custom steel or bust – there may be room in the market there for someone willing to put some juice into the idea that cantis and v-brakes aren’t dead yet.

    • So true. I witnessed it already last year, when I was shopping for a CX/canti bike for my girlfriend (wanted a new frameset, in small size). Ended up with Cross-Check. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Paul Yizhao Chen

    Any idea if this is tapered or straight steerer?

    • Kevin McClelland

      Hi Paul, It’s a tapered design and this bike looks to be sporting a Chris King Inset 7 so I’m going to assume it’s a 1 1/8″ – 1 1/2″ Taper. It does seem odd that Seven doesn’t provide specs for their forks such as taper and axle to crown.