SORRY SOLD OUT: Howdy Cacti Bottle Aug 22, 2017

Illustrated by Kyler Martz

“Howdy!” It’s a pleasant way to greet people, no matter what mood you’re in. These cacti bottles show a saguaro cactus displaying three common hand gestures, all on one bottle. Display the one you’re feeling currently on your bike and enjoy the 26oz bottle’s carrying capacity. In stock now for $22 + shipping for a pair.


  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Bout time! I’ve been waiting for these since I first saw them in your insta story. Love to rep the saguaro as often as possible.

  • Ben Brewer

    How’d they sell out so fast!? The article just went up! Damn!

    • I was surprised they went that fast. I’ll order even more next time.

      • Ben Brewer

        I’ll try to be more on top of things I guess!

  • Nate-o

    How many did you make?

    • Nate-o


    • Ultra_Orange

      Right? Then again I’ve never been online in time to score a set of bottles even after all these years. Hell I have a Bicycle Crumbs bottle.

  • Rye Young

    There were a few left at GSC lastnight…. for you locals

  • Gene

    I think the design would KILL on the 22oz Sierra bottle color w/ a green Watergate cap!

  • Mariana

    It’s my first time buying here, if I made the payment in paypal that’s all? or I have to wait for a confirmation from the page? Thanks a lot!!