Carlos’ Spectre Fab Commuter with Sim Works Fun 3 Bars

Sometimes, you come across a part and literally imagine a bike that would best suit it. This mindset seems backwards but it happens all the time. People justify a complete bicycle over a vintage French chainguard or a set of fenders, I’ve even seen people obsess over a crankset, yet in this case, it was the Sim Works Fun 3 bars that got Carlos‘ brain ticking over a bike. Having extensive experience fabricating bicycle frames, he found himself in the unique position to begin making his own bikes. It’s one of those things where if he had more free time, it probably would have already happened, but having to work full-time as a fabricator has put a damper on his plans of launching a company. For now, all he has is a name, a direction, and this bike.

Spectre Fab will eventually be a no-nonsense, tig-welded, custom and stock frame company specializing in bikes that like to get thrashed and used, not abused. This bike, in particular, is meant to handle like a fun, zippy track bike but with gears, bigger tires and yeah, the unique and fun riding position of the Fun 3 bars.

Carlos has taken this bike all over the dirt roads in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and then some. It’s his go-to commuter, cutty singletrack machine, with plenty of details to make even someone like me spend extensive time investigating it, piece by piece. I love bikes like this because ultimately, it’s their owners who have the idea, but it’s the bike that does all the talking.

Keep an eye on the Radavist for future updates as events warrant on Spectre Fab.

  • Sebastian Burnell

    Ohh yes, exactly my kind of bike. Just fantastic. ( I got a poor man`s version with a 1990 multitrack 750 frame and cross check fork…)

  • Awesome, right up my alley! Curious as to the rider position though with those bars. Any photos with the rider shreding this machine?

    • MANG

      Pretty sure I met Carlos and rode this around for a minute. Depends on how long your torso is but for me it was moderately upright, what you’d expect for a flat bar bike. I wanted to check out the Fun Bars, didn’t know he made the whole bike – sick as hell IRL. Grip angle on the bars felt perfect to me.

      • Cool! thinks for the insight. It is a very rad looking bike. I really enjoy track geo for zipping around town and with gears this thing looks like it could shred pretty much anything!

  • rjkl

    Such a beaut! Planning on building up something very similar but disc brakes.

  • hans

    yeah Carlos!

  • George T Rosselle

    Is it my imagination, or is the bottom bracket really high?

    • Samuel Jackson

      Yeah, wheelbase also looks crazy short.

    • Yep. High BB, tight wheels, great for maneuvering in traffic.

      • Zian

        Looks super fun! Geared track bike

      • AdamBike99

        Just watch that toe overlap!!

  • Chris Valente

    tight wheelbase is tight!

  • Short wheelbase is short.

  • Willowisp

    Now that looks like a naughty bike!
    Cracking blog by the way, shame we don’t have something similar in the UK to cover more stuff based this side of the pond.

  • Don Gouda

    I’ve been thinking about putting flat bars on my AC Nature Boy. Sim Works may fit the bill. Does anyone know where I could find these online?

  • Quinn.e

    Very sweet ride, one of a kind rat rod. Nicely done Carlos

  • David Watts

    The cool factor in this bike is off the charts. Easily on the top 10 coolest bikes ever posted on this website.

  • AaronBenjamin

    Carlos knows how to build a bike!

  • D.J. Bolles

    Gahhh i love it! I’m ready to sell my Raleigh Port Townsend but when I see this I want to convert it to a flat bar, fat tire joy rider.

  • seeing bikes like this make me want to rip off the fenders off my cross check and put on some big tires..

  • Ramiro Mercado

    La puta, es hermosa…

  • Nealipo

    This could be a hardcourt polo bike.

  • AngryBikeWrench

    Best wishbone/monostay/whatever you call it since DeKerf.

  • Harrison Shotzbarger

    god damn, that’s a fine bike. and Jones wheels!! I hope john saw this!