Wade Simmons on an eMTB Jul 11, 2017

E-bikes might be one of the most controversial subjects in cycling right now, but Wade Simmons sure makes them look fun!

  • Riding up stairs looks pretty fun!

    • planning_nerd

      yes, and you don’t need an ebike to do it, just fitness! not a single move in that vid that a fit person couldn’t make on a regular bike.

      fucking lame.

      • My fat bike is the only one I can consistently climb actual stairs on, and it’s more than fitness that has me not making it to the top every time…

    • Frank

      Sort of. Love mountain bikes as I do, I wouldn’t mind if we could all please refrain from bombing around medieval streets and villages designed for walking … motor bike (sorry, e-bike) or otherwise. Like Darren says below, there are plenty of things that we can do but shouldn’t.
      (Morgan … love your work!)

      • I hear ya, and this is the exact argument that comes out every time we post a MASH video.

  • Darren McElroy

    Call me a purist, but just because we can do something does not mean that we should. It’s a bummer to see more and more people embracing these motorized machines and riding them on trails not meant for motors.

  • Tom P

    Wade could make riding a tricycle look fun. If e-mtb’s become the norm, I’ll walk away from MTB’ing and the trails I maintain in order to spend my energy on other self propelled wilderness activities. I’m sure the all the folks the buy e-mtbs will also be out there in the winter rains maintaining the trails… right?

  • Sebastian Schwägele

    E-Bikes on trails suck. I just don’t want to have them there. It will lead to closed trails, not only due to the mass of people, also because people will be able to reach areas (mountains, technical trails, etc.) they are not able to master on a bike and the authorities will need to prevent accidents and damage to the riders.

  • JScriv

    What about the first words spoken in the film? Gotta take that for something coming from someone like Wade?!? Look on the brighter side or something? They’re here, they’re not leaving and in my positive Wednesday morning mood perhaps something good will come of this whole new segment. I’ve seen that smile and sentiment from almost everyone i’ve ever met who’s thrown a leg over one.

    • Wade is a good friend, and having chatted with him over a coffee about this, his enthusiasm is genuine. Like myself, he loves technical climbing, and this bike has opened up many more climbing routes – even ones that have fallen out of favour as descending routes. It’s definitely an interesting thought, particularly in an area where climbing routes are limited.

  • CycleWales

    There’s a lot of needless negativity here. Have any of you even tried an E-MTB? By the sounds of it no. Don’t stand in the way of innovation, just trust that there’s a reason why so many bicycle enthusiasts are embracing electric mountain bikes. Don’t make assumptions, just take one out for a test ride, trust me I think you’ll come back with a different perspective!

    • CycleWales

      *I’m not an E-Bike salesman

  • breed007

    It’s a given that they’re fun. The issue is that they’ll kill trail access if the MTB community embraces them.