Silca Resurrects the Pista Pump Jul 13, 2017

To commemorate their 100th anniversary, Silca has brought back their most notable classic, the Pista Pump. Complete with or without the lux carrying case, this pump is meant to bring you the precision that gave it notoriety at velodromes around the world, at a pricepoint of $125 for the pump or with the Travel Bag for $199. See more at Silca.

  • Silca could make a pump out of papier-mâché, and it’d still sell out in a week. Pump hype!

    • True. They do have great tools though. I bought the super duper pump at a “discount” for just over $300 and it’s awesome. I really *love* using it. However it’s maybe only 2x better than a regular decent floor pump overall. Actually, it’s the solid chuck that makes most of the difference for me. I bought a spare chuck to throw on my cheaper floorpump I travel with and it’s made a hell of an improvement to it.

    • carterofmemphis

      Good to see you so pumped up about it!

  • Avuncular

    Simply the most reliable and best built pump available. Mine still going strong after 30 years but I’ve made the “foot” wider to give it more stability and fitted a better chuck. One suggestion for the newer model would be to move the gauge up higher to make it easier to read for those whose eyesight is weaker.

  • belopsky

    This may be a delayed birthday present for me

  • Richard

    Crazy, right: “Who on earth would pay that much for a PUMP???” But I have to say it’s SUCH a good pump, my Silca blows away everything I’ve ever used in the past. Yes, the chuck. Yes, the action. Yes, the fill rate. And Yes, it would be nice to have the gauge at the top of the pump, but… seriously, they make a truly outstanding pump. For something I use 3-5 days a week, and will use for decades (like Avuncular below), the price is right.

    • carterofmemphis

      +1 tried one out and was sold. If you use a pump more than a few times a week it’s nice to have something that makes the process feel just a little bit special every time.