Riding the Great Wall Of China Jul 11, 2017

David Cachon takes on one of the manmade structures that you can see from space and it looks like a blast!

  • AngryBikeWrench

    Hate to be That Guy, but you can’t really see it from space, at least according to NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/vision/space/workinginspace/great_wall.html

    • Interesting!

      • AngryBikeWrench

        Not sure if this is sarcasm (and if it is, I get it, and it’s all cool), but I thought so. What’s more interesting is how pervasive the myth is; one of those things you’ve heard repeated so often for so long that you maybe never questioned it.

        • Nah, not sarcastic at all. It’s really strange like you said, I’ve always heard that it was visible from space. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nathan Carballo

    You can see that giant trash island in the ocean from space. WE MADE THAT YO!!!!