Butterfly Wing Bishop Road Jul 12, 2017

As a unique pairing to the Butterfly Wing Bishop Track, this road bike dons paint from Bryan Myers of Fresh Frame and a balleur build kit. I can’t decide which bike I like best, so I think it’s safe to say they’re both some of the nicest I’ve ever seen come from the shop of Chris Bishop. See more at the Bishop Flickr!

  • Tim Guarente

    Oh yeah! That bottom bracket cutout to the Hirth joint is so bitchen!

  • Andy Moore


  • As a total package, I find the track to be more beautiful to the eye. But the track is incredible for more than just the paint. Gilco tubes, san Rensho lugs, Victorie hubs, etc. Every detail is prefect. And looking at both side by side, the paint on the track looks far more complex and ‘organic’ than this one. It’s not even a contest to be honest. But I will say that the fork on this one is just fantastic. I’m lusting over this fork.