Bailey’s Pachyderm Bikes Dirty 650b Tourer

Bailey lives and rides in Chicago, where he’s one of the owners and operators at Comrade Cycles. He and Kyle from GSC are buddies. They met a few years back at QBP’s Frostbike tradeshow. At some point, Kyle left an open invite for him to visit Golden Saddle, so Bailey rolled out to Los Angeles to soak in the sun, ride some mountains and officially break in his new Pachyderm Bikes dirty 650b tourer with his girlfriend Allison. The two of them took on some of the rides in the area, during one of our gnarliest heat waves of the year and even braved our psychedelic camping trip up in Chilao one night. I swear, the spider chicken had eight legs.

This bike was inspired by randonneuring bikes, yet Bailey wanted something he could fit a chunky tire on, namely something like the WTB Byway. For this trip, since they’d be sticking to mostly sealed and dirt roads, he went with the 48mm Compass Switchback Hill. Other details include White Industries cranks to an XTR derailleur and Shimano cassette, a Shutter Precision hub powering a Luxos light, with a USB recharging node, powering his Garmin.

For me, the paint is what really sets this bike off, aside from its owner, obvs. The painter masked mountains wrapping the seat tube and top tube, giving it a subtle contrast before finishing the head tube in a bright orange. Brown and orange bikes remind me of A&W root beer and mountain sunsets, with at least one of which I know for certain Bailey and Allison enjoyed on their recent trip. My only complaint was not being able to shoot the bike at sunset!

  • sofia

    Brown + brown + brown. I like it.

    Curious about the switchback hills on blunt SS… I had trouble with that combo, with messy results. If I may – what rim tape, how many layers, etc? Thx.

    • Nathan Thumbs Wray

      what rim tape did you use? what exactly was the problem you ran into?

      • sofia

        double wrap of orange seal, tubeless setup process I’ve used countless times (I’m a mechanic), tire blew off rim at not-quite 40psi.

        I know compass has had negative reports other than mine re: this tire/rim setup so I was curious as to the set-up on this bike. Maybe there’s tubes in there for all I know. Either way, they’re excellent tires, on an excellent bike.

        • Froste

          I was recommended against the Blunts by my mechanic for the reason that they vary a lot in their specs. I guess some of them come out a little small? Perhaps you got a particularly small one? I wonder what the tolerances are and if it is possible to measure it?

        • Frank

          I also had problems with the Velocity SS, but with Compass baby shoe pass tyres (blowing off the rim). I ended up using a single pass of tubeless rim tape and using inner-tubes … and all is okay.

        • Nathan Thumbs Wray

          Pretty similar story to what I dealt with on an early run 26″ cliffhanger on a dirt jump bike with rim brakes. Set up with a thin Schwable high pressure plastic rim strip, running a 2.1″ tire are 50 psi with a tube. rolled half a KM down the road (just over a 1/4 mile) tire jumped off before I could do anything other than drop off a curb. Mechanic myself as well so thats good to know. was considering the blunt SS for my ’17 tamland.

    • Bailey Gene Newbrey

      Two layers of Whiskey tape w/ Orange Seal. Set-up instantly without a single issue.

    • White Mike

      Biggest problem with Velocity rims and I’m not sure why they don’t fix it. They do not have a bead lock system. Nearly everyone making aluminum rims has one by now. My Dually rims were constantly leaking due to burps at low pressure. Great profile for setting up tires tubeless but not for keeping them tubeless without hassle.

  • Emory Hancock

    Add some silver fenders and a small handlebar bag, then it would be perfect.

    • He’s putting them on for sure but it won’t rain here in LA for six months so he didn’t see the immediate need.

  • Living the dream Bailey! Come home so we can play bikes!

  • BobW

    Bailey is the real deal and is one of my cycling heroes. So pleased to see him and his bike profiled.

  • Is there any advantage to running the rear derailuer cable that way, as opposed to along the downtube/chainstay?

    • Yeah, it won’t get covered in muck / dirt / mud and will stay shifting smoothly.

  • AngryBikeWrench

    That Ponderosa patch is the coolest thing I’ve seen today.

  • Benny Watson

    Love the Suntour ratcheting friction bar end shifters. About the most perfect bicycle component ever made.

  • rusty

    Bailey, that’s a bike after my own heart! good work.

  • Ryan

    Dan Schaumann is a cool dude

  • Jason C Bolt

    Bailey sure is neat

  • Peter Chesworth

    Any bike involving elephants is a good bike.

  • Noel Smith

    8-spd? nice

  • Leroy

    What helmet is that?

    • arlcyclist

      Giro Aspect

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Luxos U ftw…

  • Jacob R

    It’s perfect

  • Chase Bauer

    Best dude.

  • Julius

    Haha, splendid ride that reminds me of my late touring rig (RIP due to the downtube breaking): it also had friction bar end shifters, an inverted XTR 900 rear mech with the matching front mech and the Luxos U. Great gear choices ATMO and IME. And I love it how the shifters point in the same direction with an inverted rear derailleur :)

    Of course, it did neither have those wonderful Klampers nor 650b wheels. And the paintwork we do not even have to speak about.
    Anyhow, this bike looks like such a great tourer for every kind of road! Safe travels!

  • Juan Cool Romance

    #cool bike Bailey!

  • Kim Christiansen

    What kind of rear rack is that?

    • Scooterbug Likes Bikes

      Looks like a Surly 8 pack.

      • Kim Christiansen

        Thank you :-) I’ll look it it and now I know where to start looking…